14 Most Commons Ways to Get Traffic To Your Blog

The most important question for a blogger is How to get more Traffic to a Blog. Even if the blogger is getting thousands of visitors to his blog, he still will be searching for the perfect answer to this question.

There are many ways to get traffic, but it totally depends on your blog. I am listing 14 Best and more common ways which are used to get more traffic to a blog, you can use the one which you think are going to work for you.

Link Exchanges

Exchange links with fellow bloggers, in your niche. It exposes your blog to many other people not only this increases the traffic but also helps your blog in terms of SEO.

Traffic Exchanges

Directly exchange Traffic with other bloggers, ask them to Retweet your pots and you Retweet theirs.

Exchange email lists

Email your list about their stuff and ask other bloggers to email your stuff to their list.

Social Bookmarking

Digg, Stumble Upon etc are the bookmarking sites you should use on a daily basis, there are a lot of people who hang out there. You might get a handful of traffic from there.

Classified Ads

Search for spaces where you can put your ads for Free, make a list of them and start working on it. it is a manual process but works for few bloggers.


Create campaigns on Google Adwords, and other programs, you can get 5000 clicks for $100 and its only up to you how are you going to convert them into readers, sales etc. You should do this only if you have got your own product or you are into affiliate marketing.

Articles Marketing

Write articles for popular online magazines and articles websites and try to link back posts from your blog, this might get you targeted visitors looking for the related information.

Forum Marketing

A lot of people hang out at Forums. They sell, buy, teach, learn and do many more things there. You can take advantage of it. I have been pretty successful in creating long and powerful discussions on the forums which have send me a nice amount of traffic to my blog.

Blog Commenting

Comment on blogs which gets a lot of traffic, try to be the 1st commenter and you will get many people visiting your link as well, many bloggers use top commenters plugin which again helps you get a lot of traffic if you manage to grab a place in the top commenter list.

Online Giveaways

Create a product for your niche and give it away, people share these things with their followers and circle. There are high changes that it becomes the hottest topic for the day or week in your niche resulting in high amount of traffic to your blog.

Video Marketing

Justin beiber’s song got millions of hits on YouTube, not only his; there are many videos that get millions of hits on YouTube. I am not asking you to target millions of hits but you can get tons of visitors by tutorial video and uploading to websites like YouTube and Vimeo.

Take Interviews

Take interviews of experts in your field, create various versions of it, (Video, Audio, Transcript) and you can give it away to your audience, people will share it with others and also the person whom you interviewed is going to talk about it on his blog and his followers might check your blog out to read his interviews.

Social Media

Go to Facebook and Twitter connect with likeminded people and offer your stuff to them. They might help you with sharing it with their friends. Social Media is a very big source of quality traffic to your blog.

Guest Positing

Try writing guest posts on other popular blogs, this gives you a change to be known to other blog audiences, Guest posting gives you an opportunity to share your knowledge on other blog which has an established following. If they really like your post, they might go to your blog and subscribe.

If the above ways are sounding too technical for you, then here is a way to get 1000 visitors quickly to your new post . 1000 visitors are not a big thing if you follow the steps which I have mentioned.


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