5 Best Keyboards for Writers


It is said that the Pen is mightier than the Sword. In this Digital Age, we can Replace the Pen with Keyboards, they are equally important. For writers, a keyboard is a tool to helps them flow the words on an empty document page.

Being a Digital writer myself, I am always in search for a better keyboard as it speeds up my writing. I am listing 5 of the best Keyboards I have come across so far.

Dell 104 Quiet Key

I am putting this one on the top though this list is not sorted on the basis of performance, but this keyboard is the one I am writing from. The keys are quiet and feel soft, you don’t have to press a key too hard to type the letters.

It has a minimalist design which you are going to love while writing. Initially, I had the accuracy issue with this keyboard but once you get used to it, which could take a week or so, it’s fine.

It’s a wired keyboard but if you are looking for a keyboard that’s under $20. This is the one I recommend.

➤ Price: $18 | Buy from Amazon

Microsoft Desktop 2000 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

This one is a wireless keyboard + wireless mouse combo, the keyboard is beautifully designed and has all the shortcut buttons for music, calculator, volume controls etc.

The keyboard looks sleek and looks beautiful. I won’t say that the keys are harder but they aren’t soft either. I’ve used it for one year and I found that once you get used to it, you will love it, my typos were 20% when I started using this keyboard.

The mouse is little bulky but the blue tracking technology lets you use it one any surface even on Glass.

➤ Price: $28.29 | Buy from Amazon

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750

I had used a cheaper one from Logitech so my faith in them for creating quality product had died until I came across this one, it’s a sleek environment friend keyboard and is a pleasure to type.

It’s a solar powered keyboard which means you don’t have to worry about the battery getting in the way of your writing.

➤ Price: $52.99 | Buy from Amazon

Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800

Another nice keyboard from Logitech, this one has illuminated lights which make it easy to type when sufficient light is not available, I can count the number of times I was in that situation.

The keys are soft and other features of Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750. The price is little on the high side, but if you care about design, it’s worth the price.

➤ Price: $79 | Buy from Amazon

Apple Wireless Keyboard

Not only this keyboard boots your writing but also makes your desk clutter free by taking less space, it’s the sleekest design you will ever come across, the keys are responsive and crisp.

The design is beautiful like all the Apple products, and yes, it does work with Windows Based PCs as well.

➤ Price: $69 | Buy from Amazon

Keyboards Suggested by Our Readers 

When I sat to write this list a few weeks ago, I thought I am the only guy who has expertise in telling which keyboard is best for a writer. But then many experiences people came to know about this post and suggest the best Keyboards they have come across. Many readers also expressed their surprise that this list doesn’t include a mechanical keyboard, Well, now it does. :-)

So, I thought let’s extend this list of best keyboards and put their favourites on this list as well.

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard

“I’m a big fan for MICROSOFT Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop.” – Bambang Est

Bambang Est shared his favourite in the comments, I quickly lookup for the keyboard and found it quite a decent keyboard. Look at the image below.

Microsoft L5V-00001 Sculpt

By the looking at the photo, I am sure that palm rest area makes long writing sessions very comfortable. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard is listed on Amazon for $74.

➤ Price: $68 | Buy from Amazon

Razer Chroma Clicky – Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

I use a “gamer keyboards” specifically the razor chroma. I know it sounds odd, but it feels amazing to use. They designed gamer keyboards for speed and placement so that u can sit and play for hours. (I don’t play games with it, only write) I love my keyboard, thank God I foun it. Did i mention the beautiful lights it has? – Isaac

This comment from Isaac made me curious, when I looked at the Keyboard’s image, it really had the beautiful lights.

Razer BlackWidow Chroma Clicky

Razer Chroma is a mechanical keyboard, and it looks cool. I did try a mechanical keyboard but It was a local brand, and it ruined my experience of using a mechanical keyboard. This one looks cool and I would love to try this.

The Keyboard is listed on Amazon at $139.99, yes, Mechanical Keyboards are costly.

➤ Price: $139.99 | Buy from Amazon

If you are looking for a Laptop with nice keyboards, I’ve curated a list of 8 of the best Ultra think laptops that are under $1000. These laptops have MacBook style keyboards so you can also call it a list of Best Macbook alternatives that costs under $1000.


  1. This list is a joke, right? I mean, you don’t actually believe that a writer can sit for four hours pecking at those tiny keys, right? Have you ever heard of the IBM Model M, to start? Or any of the large gamer/developer keyboards out there that are full and comfortable to use? Christ save us from wannabes.

    • lol, you are funny.

      I have personally used these keyboards to write and I have been writing from past 7 years.
      more than 1 thousand words per day.

      Having said that, I welcome suggestions a reader makes.
      Thanks for your comment.

        • Yes, two pages every day. and that’s like that from last 8 years.
          8 Years = 2920 days.
          So two pages a day makes it 5840 pages.

          Harry Potter books Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban has 317 pages.

          So, that roughly makes 18 volumes of a book of that kind.

          • Well how about that, J.K. Rowling, you think after all of that quality writing you would know the difference between “quiet” and “quite” in your 3rd paragraph. Being arrogant and snotty to your readers is not a great strategy for keeping traffic coming to a blog, Asif.

          • Hey Kyle,
            Thanks for pointing that out. Thanks for pointing that out, I’ve fixed it now. I can’t tell how embarrassing it is when someone points out my typos in the comment section. However it has improved drastically, the number has gone down in the last couple of years. I wrote this article a long time ago, I didn’t have the habit of proofreading it manually then.
            But I have proofread it once and had fixed some of the typos, but somehow missed this one.

            Believe me, I am a much better writer than I was yesterday (or a year ago).

            Sorry if you found my replies of these comments rude, they are not intentional.

            I know that for a lot of people, best keyboards are just Mechanical Keyboards, but I know a few people who would prefer laptop style keyboards. In fact, there are writers who just use Apple Keyboards (which are not mechanical), I’m sorry once again if you are offended.

            I would love you to read a few of my other posts, you have a nice pair of eyes after all. :-)

      • I’m a translator, I type (and alternate with voice recognition when possible) about 4-7k words/day. I came here actually looking for mechanical keyboard options, but there’s only two here.

  2. I use a “gamer keyboards” specifically the razor chroma. I know it sounds odd, but it feels amazing to use. They designed gamer keyboards for speed and placement so that u can sit and play for hours. (I don’t play games with it, only write) I love my keyboard, thank God I foun it. Did i mention the beautiful lights it has?! Do yourself a favor. Go to a bestbuy and pass through the “video game” isle. It’s usually by the wii consoles. Try them out!!!!…. Just a thought.

    • Isaac, I would love to hear more about your keyboard. I’ve been researching mechanical keyboards and expecting this list to contain even one, but it didn’t (no offense meant to OP). Mechanical keyboards can significantly boost typing speed and would be a great benefit to any writer. I’m in the market now and I’m in the midst of doing research on the different kinds of mechanical keyboards (I game too).

      Asif, look into mechanical keyboards! You’ll be surprised at all there is to offer out there.

      • Hi Sarah,
        Appreciate your efforts in researching a perfect keyboard and trying to find it in the mechanical segment.

        But the post more about personal experience and keyboards. I’ve a mechanical keyboard (from a local brand) I found that a bit distracting and using the keyboards on my laptops (currently a Macbook Air) became a challenge when shifting between the PCs was too frequent.

        I’ll update the post when I try it out myself. Thanks for taking the time to write in.

  3. It’s crazy how much I disagree with the gamer keyboards. As a writer for the past 15 years and author of two books, the dell keyboard is in fact the best one on this list.

    Good job.

  4. All extremely terrible choices for a writer. Have fun with that carpal tunnel syndrome after a few years! The article should be retitled because those are not the “best” keyboards for writing. The best one will be a “wave” or “natural” ergonomic keyboard that matches your wrist angles properly.

  5. Funny, as a writer myself I personally don’t like soft, minimalist quiet keyboards. I like big, clunky loud things where I can hear the damn keys getting struck. Something about it adds to the excitement of great writing. Kinda like a typewriter, I guess. Its hard to explain. All I know is at my last office job my colleagues probably got sick of how noisy I was when I typed.

  6. I would believe that it’s easy to get stuck in finding the “right” keyboard. I have two different mechanical keyboard, named Q-pad and Filco Majestouch, both excellent keyboards. Then… I often end up with an ordinary Dell keyboard because it’s there. If to chose between my keyboards, I would say that I love my Filco keyboard. You feel the keys, they are balanced and you never miss a stroke. If the quality can justify the cost, that depends on your own subjective view.
    If you are writing 2000 words a day, I would guess that the keyboard is more important than choosing PC brand, processor, RAM or harddisk.

    • Yes, Agree with you on this. I bought a Macbook Air last year, firstly I found the keys too tight to press because I was coming from HP Chromebook, the keys on it are super smooth.

      And now that I got used to the Macbook Air keyboard, I want a similar keyboard for my Desktop as well. :-)

      • Why don’t you just buy a magic keyboard for it then? They’re Bluetooth and will work just fine with a PC. You might need to buy a Bluetooth dongle but Mine was about 12 dollars and works wonderfully.


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