7 Strategies to Sell Ads on a Blog Effectively

All the bloggers out there, if you are blogging for a while, you might be aware of on of the ways to Monetize a blog. The most common and popular way to Monetizing a blog is selling Ad Space on a Blog.

Now there are few things which you need to keep in mind so that you get the maximum out of it.

Great Design of the Website

The design of the websites is very important factor for selling advertisement. Now keep in mind that Design does not mean only the color combination of the blog or how beautiful the blog looks. The Navigation of the blog is also included in it. It should be easy for everyone that they get what they are looking for.

Show the stats of your blog (Make a Dedicated page)

If you want to advertise on your blog, it’s a smart move to show stats, I mean the visibility of your blog, it includes Monthly Visits, Page views, Average Number of Comments on each post, RSS Feed Subscribers, Fans on Facebook, Followers of Twitter. Show whatever seems to be impressive, remember, it depends on what niche your blog is in. Make a dedicated  advertise page and try having a sales pitch.

Put Just One ‘Advertise Here’ Banner

I have noticed many bloggers that if they are selling Ad Space on Their blogs, they put multiple Advertise Here banners on their blogs. This is wrong, You should try to crate scarcity to sell it. GO registere with some money making sites and become their affiliates, then put their banners and keep only one Advertise Here banner. This creates a kind of Urgency and makes the Advertiser to quickly take action.

Contact Potential Advertisers Directly

Don’t just write a sales page, sit and wait for advertisers to contact you, hunt for them instead, make a list of potential advertisers who might be interested in advertising on your blog and then contact them accordingly.

Announce that you sell Ad space

If you have got an email list, shoot an email to them, tweet or post on Facebook that you are selling ad space. I am sure many of the readers, fans or followers would take some interest. Again, this depends on the niche you are in.


Write a dedicated post for your Advertisers.

I have seen many bloggers practicing this and becoming successful in selling ad space on their blogs. Write a dedicated post thanking or mentioning your advertisers at the end of every months. This is good for advertisers as they get for no extra charge. Not all the bloggers can do it as it again is a niche specific thing.


Sell A Complete Advertising Package

Sometimes the Advertisers are not only looking for buying Ad Space but they need to promote their product or service. It’s a great idea to come up with a complete package for them. like Writing post about their product or service, and promoting it on your blog by showing different banners.

After reading this post, please don’t stick to just these strategies but try experimenting the best way that can work for your blog. Be sure to produce killing content as its the main motive of the blog and not the money. Money just gives you freedom to work harder and help you create more killing content. Just keep yourself motivated.


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