Access Root Directory of WordPress Without cPanel or FTP Client

Easily upload files to root directory or make changes from WordPress dashboard

If you are a WordPress user, this might come really handy if you want to access the root folder on your server or other files of WordPress.

Any hosting service you opt gives you access to your server using FTP login and password and for most of the people who are using a VPS or Shared hosting, they have a useful user interface to access the server and it’s mostly cPanel.

So there are two methods you can access the files and folders on your server, one is by going to the cPanel and the other one is by logging into the server using FTP client.

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Both the methods require you to do some extra steps in order to log in to your server and access the files and folders.

This is where the WP File Manager plugin comes in handy, you can install it directly from the plugins area of your WordPress dashboard.

Once it is installed, you will be able to access the root folder of your domain, where you have installed your WordPress. This can be useful in many situations, such as, if you have to verify your website by uploading a file in the root folder, you can easily do it right from inside the WordPress dashboard.

There are also times when you might have to edit the .htaccess file on your site, this too can be done from the WP File Manager.

Similarly, if you have to create another folder for custom images or icons, or anything in the wp-content folder, the WP File Manager can come in really handy.

Most of the time you will already be logged into your WordPress dashboard, so you do not have to fire up an FTP Client or a browser window, and spend a few minutes of your life to do something that can be done without going all through this.

WP File Manager plugin is free to use but it also comes with a Pro version, which gives you more features such as the ability to change the permissions of the files and folders, and user management roles in case you want to give access to this area to other users who are not the admin.

But for most of the people, the free version will work great.

Pro Tip:

One of my websites was recently attacked and some kind of Malware was injected into the Index.php and wp-congif.php files on my WordPress.I was quickly able to access these files from within the WordPress dashboard and remove malware from it. You can find the detailed article about it on the blog, now you can install WP File Manager plugin on your WordPress.

WP Files Manager 


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