Add Multiple Links to Your Instagram & Take Advantage of Instagram Bio Link

In this article, I will be sharing a trick about creating a splash page, where you can provide multiple links and then get a single link that you can put in the bio of Instagram.

As of January 2020, Instagram has got 1 billion active monthly users. Out of which 500 million users check out their Instagram daily. The collectively post over 500 million stories and over a hundred million videos and photos on Instagram feed.

So the number can tell you that it’s a big platform where you must have a presence. A couple of years ago, I wrote a handy guide to get a decent amount of following on Instagram, some parts of the article are still relevant.

If you are an influencer or a blogger, who uses Instagram, I am sure you may have read a lot of articles about how you can utilise Instagram.

Aside from the smart use of locations, #hashtags, and beautiful photographs, there is one more area you can take advantage of, and it’s the bio section.

You may be aware that you cannot put clickable links in your posts on the Instagram feed, and the only place where the link is clickable is the bio section, where you can put only one link.

Instagrammers are already taking advantage of the bio section, all they have to do is, write down a call to action in each of their posts and ask users to check out the link in the bio to find more details revolving around that post.

Use Splash Page / Landing Page Services

While it is okay for a lot of people, you can do better. What if you do not have to change Aaj the link in the bio section every time you post something new?

What if the users land on a Splash page, where the content dynamically changes, and have got every element you want to showcase to this new curious user who clicked on the link in your Bio section.

There are already a handful of services available, that easily lets you create Splash pages. One of the oldest one is

About.Me started in the last decade and has evolved a lot ever since it has added more features which I think Instagrammers can take advantage.

Although most of their features come under their Pro version, you can still benefit from the features included in the free version.

And the free version of about me as a feature where you can showcase your podcasts or videos from platforms like YouTube, and the best part is it can also dynamically change whenever there is a new podcast or video.

It is helpful because you won’t have to change the link in the bio, every time you update something on your other platform in want let your Instagram followers know about it.

Natively you can use other services such as Create which is more premium but is also easy to use, Create we are also let you that up Splash pages for your Instagram followers, which you can put in the bio section.

Ideally, you can put any link on Instagram by a section that can take the user on a webpage where you can mention more than one thing, suggest the collection of items.

Create A Custom Page on Your Blog for Instagram

Because you can create a custom page, specially designed for your Instagram users, and when I say specially designed for Instagram users, it means it should have elements which Instagram users would be interested in.

If you want to connect with your Instagram followers on a different platform, Youtube Aur Facebook, you can put this link on the Splash page, and you can put a link to your blog posts.

Here is an example of a Splash page for one of my Instagram accounts. It is a brand Instagram account which also has got a website, so I simply created a dedicated Splash page.

It is a blog about my local city where I am currently living, and I use Instagram for teachers of the videos and a mix of content that I put up on my website and YouTube.

So on the Splash page, I have a button to let the users watch my latest video on YouTube and also links to other social media platforms where they can follow for updates.

And then at the bottom, there are articles from the blog. I currently show three of the most recently published blogs on the Splash page and then a button that will take them to the homepage.

So the next time I have to tell my followers to go check out the recently published article or video I can simply ask them to check out the link in the Instagram bio, which is easier for a lot of people, rather than going to another platform and then checking out the content all by themselves.

I use the Newspaper Theme, on my blog, which has several options to design a page, input the elements required, so you don’t have to know coding are web designing. It’s an awesome theme, and I have written a review of it on the blog. The wordpress theme is currently on its version 10 and has improved a lot since then.


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