Amazon Native Shopping Ads take Amazon Affiliates Revenue to the Next Level

Today, when I logged into Amazon Associates website,  I found  this new feature from Amazon,  it’s Amazon Native Shopping Ads, which is  not entirely a new thing, but a better way to display related products on your pages.


Earlier,  I was using Amazon Product Links below the post on one of my blogs, it wasn’t working too well but was enough to pay the monthly hosting bills.


Part of the reason for its below average Performance was because the Product Links showed a handful of products I had selected at the a time of creating them.

How does Native Ads work?


The Amazon Native Ads are pretty much like other Links provided by Amazon, and serve the same purpose, that is, show products from their store. Amazon Native Ads have three options to generate the codes. Recommended Ads, Search Ads and Custom Ads. And I think you can figure out the use case.

How the Amazon Native Ads are effective?

Most people, who use Amazon Affiliate Links, have to write a lot of content around products where they can put the relevant links.

The Amazon Native Ads automatically display related products based on the keywords used in the post. Which means, the visitors who read the posts might actually find the products relevant and they might be interested in them. Which means more sales.

Why use Amazon Native Ads?

If you are already signed up with Amazon Associates and use it to recommend products on your blog, you should give it a try. Not only because it shows the related product, but it is also Responsive Ad, which means it is mobile friendly. And if your blog gets most of its traffic from Mobile, (mine gets 80%) then it’s going to work great.


What I’ve found that the current links I use on my blog for recommending products, doesn’t even show on mobile most of the time.

The only problem in my case if that the blog I am using Amazon ads, has the majority of its traffic from India, and the USA is 2nd most. But I’ve found a solution for this which worked extremely well for me. And that is, Geo Targeted Ads, I’m using this plugin called WP Ads Pro with an add-on which lets bloggers display Ads depending on the location of visitors. I’ve actually written about it.

Anyway, I’ll be using it for a while and update this post with more info. Meanwhile, if you have tried it you can share your experience with us in the comments.


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