Best Method to Make Money from your Blog

There are various ways you can do to make money from your blog. Also, monetizing your blog depends on the type of blog you have. If your blog about celebrities, movies, music etc., then its little tough for you to monetize it easily, not because there are no advertisers interested in advertising on these topics, but there are already tons of blogs doing so, Only CPC/CPM programs are going to work effectively or you can also try CPA ads.

Blogs Running Ads and Affiliate Marketing

If you run a tech blog then you can monetize the blog by Ads as well as using Affiliate links of products you review on your blog. If someone buys that product you will get a cut out of it. Similarly if you blog about any product in your niche which can be purchased online, you can put your affiliate links and make some money from it. I have been doing the same with my technology blog, I put my affiliate links on my top posts and I am also using CPC/CPM Ads on my blog.

Making money from these methods requires a lot of traffic on your blog. You can read how to get 1000 visitors to your post, within few hours of publishing it. Writing proper titles of the post also work well from SEO point of view as Search Engines are going to send a lot of traffic if you get top places in Search Engine Results.

Blogs offering a Product or Service

If you offer a service like Web Design, SEO, Copywriting, Logo Design or any kind of service on the web or sell informational products like an eBook or memberships, you can follow a different profit model, though the method of creating and publishing content would be same for everyone. Try to benefit from every piece of content that you write on your blog. These types of blogs don’t require tons of traffic in order to make profit. You just need to make an impact on every reader of your blog, try to be active on social media sites and distribute free tutorials etc. to promote your stuff out there. Rather than working on getting plenty of traffic, you need to focus on building your brand so that you gain the trust factor which is required to make a sale.

I have come across many blogs posting on various topics, I feel it’s a wrong way of blogging as you fail to make an audience which is looking for a similar thing, but you surely can monetize it with CPC/CPM Ads. You can read what you have been doing wrong in blogging.


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