6 Best Tools to Manage & Schedule Posting on Multiple Facebook Pages

If you are a professional blogger or an individual who runs a couple of websites, I am sure you are always limited on human resources.

I can say this because I find myself in the similar spot every now and then.

Surely hiring a Virtual Assistant to get some load off your shoulder will work, but it’s not the route for everyone. At least not for me.

Firstly, finding a good Virtual Assistant is tough,
Secondly, you have time to assign her tasks,
Thirdly, you have share login credentials/ managerial access to your business accounts.

This is why I rely more on SaaS programs, that can automate my work. I tend to use them as much as I can.

This is a list of all those bloggers and webmasters like me who want to spend their time in doing things that are more valuable.



Buffer is pretty cool service, I have been using it for years. I use it not just for posting on Facebook but also on Twitter and Google Plus (I highly doubt anyone readers it there)

Buffer’s pricing model is pretty simple and straightforward. If you are a blogger with a single blog, you probably have mainly three Social Channels where you post your content.

The buffer app is Free in that case, if you want to manage more channels, you need to spend money, which starts from $10/month where you get to use 10 social channels with it.


Hootsuite is pretty much similar to Buffer app, gives you access to use 3 social channels for free, and for $10/month you can use 10 Social channel.

The features of both Buffer and Hootsuite are similar, the only difference is, the user experience. Both have got Chrome extensions, which lets you share any page (which is opened in Chrome Browser) to your social channels.

You are free to use both the service to know which one is better for you.

I like to Buffer better because I feel is it little more polished than Hootsuite.


PostCron is another service worth trying. And it’s probably the only service among others that I tried which lets you connect more than two Social Media profiles from a single platform.

I used it to post content to 6 of my Facebook pages using the free version, which is not possible in any of the services I mention in the list.

Paid accounts (which starts from $9.99/month) lets you add more and it has features like adding your own watermark to photos.

So, for people with only Facebook Pages to worry about, PostCorn is the obvious choice.

Get 1 Month Free via this link


Postify to PostCorn is to what Hootsuite is to Buffer. Quite similar to features, the difference is in the User experience.

The good thing is that the free version allows you to connect 5 profiles from the same platform. I think 5 is a good number to start with the free version.

Paid version starts from $5/month letting you add over 15 social accounts. $10 has 30 social account, which is the most number of accounts a service has to offer in this list.

Post Planner

Post Planner is specifically for Facebook but it doesn’t offer any free version, you have to pay $9/month to get a start and you can add 10 Facebook pages.

Since it only handles Facebook (but we are also talking about only Facebook pages here) it has been built with many features, like inbuilt Canva integration, which is an amazing web app to create stunning graphics.

Apart from that, there are several other features that you will also find in other services mentioned in this list but Post Planner has the maximum features to offer. But also no Free account to try. :-(

You can check out its plans here

Mass Planner

The mass planner is similar to Post Planner but offer to manage more platform that just Facebook.

If you are someone who utilizes the Facebook Groups for getting traffic, Mass Planner makes the job easy as it’s the only service that offers so many features for Facebook Groups. You can find, join, unjoin them. You can also manage your own Facebook Groups efficiently.

There is no free version for Mass Planner either, but thankfully they offer 5-day trial so that you can decide whether it’s useful for you or not.

The plan starts from $9.95/month where you get to add over 16 Social Media Channels, but it is limited to only two profiles per Platform, which means only two Facebook Pages.

So, this was the list of 6 best tools for automating your Facebook campaigns. Choose the one you find more suitable for your need and save some time for doing what matters to you and maximize your earnings so that paying for these services doesn’t feel a waste of money.

Or you can use a combination of these services to manage all your account, I think these are more than enough to handle all your Facebook Pages.


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