Bimber, a Perfect Viral Theme for WordPress so Far

No matter how much I ask myself not to spend my time looking at newly released themes and plugins, I find myself doing just that.

This is the reason I write posts like these so that at least someone else can benefit from my time.

So, let’s get started with the reason why I am writing this post. A perfect viral blog theme. It’s true that a perfect WordPress theme does not exist because everyone has a different need and every website has a different purpose.

Like, the purpose of a viral website is to get as many people as it can, to read the content.

There are a lot of amazing viral blog themes available in the market. But even the very best theme is going to lack one feature of the other.

Bimber can be an exception. It’s just perfect.

Bimber is listed in ThemeForest for $49. And unlike most WordPress themes listed, that try to be an ‘All in One’ WordPress theme, Bimber is different.

It focusses on just one thing, that is, Showcasing Visual Content in the best way possible.

Mostly every other WordPress theme I used that was visually appealing, had at least one thing that lacked, sometimes it was Share Buttons (that’s why I started using Easy Social Share Plugins), Sometimes the content area was too wide and sometimes the front page is too basic or there no options to insert ads at different places. Thanks to plugins, it can be solved.

Bimber fills this gap by offering great looking Sharing su_buttons (powered by Mashshare), A very appealing Home page and options to insert Ads in different locations.

BuzzFeed Like Viral Features

When it comes to creating a viral blog, everyone starts with one website in mind, to use it as a base for their own website. What features they want, what kind of layout they should use and how to showcase the content in the best way.

For most people, this base website is BuzzFeed, yes, the most popular Viral website that has been valued at $1 Billion.

It borrows features like Popular Posts, Trending Posts Hot Posts and putting an Overlay Viral sticker on a particular post when it is doing great in terms of traffic. Even though Bimber get’s it’s inspiration from BuzzFeed, it’s totally different from it when it comes to the look and feels.

Visually Appealing Layouts

The post thumbnails are big and even on the single page, there are too many posts a user can click to read the next post.

Bimber has 5 different homepage layouts to choose from. I love the Homepage with Grid Posts + Sidebar + 3 Features posts

The single post shows Share Buttons with sharing numbers, Author Name, Post Views very neatly. And you the option to hide the Post Views and Share counts when the number is less.

Listics (list posts) are very popular formats for viral blogs, Bimbers lets you create paginated listics to increase the pageviews, because the more the pageviews, the higher the revenue.

Talking of Revenue, Viral Blogs mainly rely on Ads for making money, and to do that, placement of Ads has to be smart and there should be many options to experiment which one works well. This theme has got you covered.

The Ad Options are powered by a plugin called WP QUADS, which is a free plugin for inserting ads in posts and an incarnation of the very popular Quick Adsense (discotinued).

Despite having so many features Bimber does not overwhelm you with too many confusing options as everything looks great by default and you can spend few minutes to customize it to give it a unique look by changing the logo, color scheme etc.

Let others Create Content for Your Blog

Popular sites like BuzzFeed, BoredPanda etc has this feature that lets anyone crete content. Though this type of functionality is easy to add in WordPress, the plugins I’ve used so far are unpolished, lack few features and sometimes do not support the theme you are using.
Brighterpixel, the creators of Bimber have also created a plugin called Snax, available on CodeCanyon for $25. This plugin lets users create posts (Listics, Embeds, Image Gallery etc)

As this plugin is created by the same developers, it blemds perfectly well with Bumber. Opening the doors for amazing submissions from the community.

For $49, it’s the best Viral theme for WordPress. Even if you don’t own a viral blog, if your blog is about visual content, then this is the best fit.

Check out the demo


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