Do You Really Need A WordPress Blog in the Age of Social Media?

The answer can be yes and no, depending on what kind of blog you are looking to create. A blog is quite a broad term., which is you are currently reading, is also a blog. And, which has food recipes and videos embedded from YouTube, is also a blog. Most of Foodtipper content is video, which is already content views on YouTube.

I would elaborate on my first answer which is, NO.

If you want your voice to be heard, you don’t need a blog anymore if you want a presence on the web. Instead, you can create a Twitter, talk about anything you like, participate in discussions around a particular trending #hashtag to gain followers.

If you have targeted traffic, you have more chances to get targeted followers, which is much better than getting random followers.

Or you can create a Facebook page, or maybe, Instagram, perhaps.

But if you are looking to build a brand and online business, you need a website.

So let me elaborate on my second answer which is, Yes.

You can create a Twitter account, a Facebook page, an Instagram handle, or even a YouTube channel, but these particular companies will always own your content.

You will have to live by their rules, and you can violate their policy and get suspended. But if you have got a website of your own, it is likely to remain there unless you share copyrighted material.

You also get more control over the content you create; you get more features to create content by combining different formats, such as graphics, photos, typography, links, landing pages.

You can still have social media accounts that will support your website by sharing your content on these platforms.

Another reason for creating your blog is that it is a barrier a lot of people don’t dare to cross because it is tough, it requires money, to buy a domain and pay a monthly rental to service, maybe pay writers.

It alone increases your chances of success.

At this blog, you will find many useful guides to walk you through creating your first blog, writing amazing content for it, promoting the content and monetizing it. If you are a beginner, start here.


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