Blogo Review: Probably the Best Blog Publishing App for Mac


Have you ever been in a situation where you write a really long post, doing the formats, add images and when you are ready to publish, suddenly something off happens to your page and it dies, not the literal death, but the page fails to load and all your work is gone, just like that.

Yes, the revisions feature has helped me recover my lost posts but sometimes the loss between two revisions it just too much to handle.

This is why I love Desktop Publishing Tools, like the Windows Live Writer. I have always created posts in it since 2008. I am a kind of Ninja at doing posts using WLW.

It’s been a while since I moved to the Mac from PC. Thanks to the use of a Chromebook, which was my work machine for a few months. I had customised my workflow in a way that bypasses the need of a particular OS.

But, there were times when I had to turn to a Computer that supported apps, for video and photo editing, and that made me think about moving to Mac, which had most of my favourite apps, if not all. And offered great battery life, which is the reason I opted for Chromebook (it’s close to 8 hours of work time)

One of the app, that I missed terribly since moving from the Windows OS was Windows Live Writer, and that too when I am using my laptop for work.

I have always been a PC guy, even before when I started blogging, and I recently made the switch to Mac.

Thanks to the use of Chromebook for several months that I am able to customise my workflow in a way that I can get my work done inside a browser. Macbook is a good piece of hardware, I love the battery, which lets me work from Cafes without worrying about carrying the charger.

I mainly use it for writing along posts and working on other work that requires long form writing. I still publish most of my content from my Windows Based PC. I love the fact I can create posts faster with Windows Live Writer.

I’ve moved to publishing posts right from the WordPress Dashboard but I still feel using a Desktop publishing app like WLW can save a lot of time and energy.

There are few Desktop publishing apps for Mac as well, but I couldn’t stick with any of them until now.

I feel the need of a publishing app when I am away from my Home Office and have to use my MacBook Air primarily for everything. One such scenario occurred recently and I found Blogo in the App Store.

Blogo is a premium app priced at $29, the good thing is that it has a 30 day Free trial period which is enough to decide whether you want to invest $29 in it or not. I did, and I have been using it from last few weeks.

I’ve reached to a point where I know the app pretty well and can present my views which may help you decide whether you want to go for it or not.

Blogo supports WordPress, BlogSpot, Medium etc.

Few features include

★ Saving your drafts to a linked Evernote Account,
★ Distraction Free Writing,
★ Inserting Images inline,
★ Edit/Crop/Resize the images and
★ Ability to preview the post how it is going to look like on the blog once it is live.

Setting up your blog with Blogo is easy, just put the blog URL to it and your are asked to put your login credentials to it. You can save the theme of your blog for a live preview of your posts. You need to enable the xmlrc in the WordPress which gives Blogo the ability to post on your blog.

Once my blog was added to Blogo and I started writing, it felt completely different from Windows Live Writer. In some cases, it lacks simple functionalities, like writing posts in theme layout editor. But, Blogo has a Separate blog preview windows that looks much better than Windows Live Writer’s preview.

WLW never really picked up the right theme layout most of them time, and the default one is not great to look at. Blogo’s default Editor is pretty nice and you can actually write without struggling to find your own words like in WLW.

Apart from that, the photos you insert appear only appear when you hover your mouse over the images, that too not in full height. But then I’m getting used to it because the Blog Preview Window shows me everything perfectly in real time.

Blogo also includes an Image Editor, which has some basic tools you can use to make changes to the images you insert.

Having said all the praise about Blogo, it is still not a perfect app (at least not yet) for example, I have to always click on Full Size, by default Thumbnail is selected and it adds a ‘image_thumbnail.jpg’ string to the image URL. Though it might not bother a lot of people, It bothers me a little and  I am expecting to get it fixed in future updates.

I have received two software updates in one month’s time. So, hopefully, the development team of Blogo is working hard to making it perfect. But it still is an amazing app to own if you write a lot of posts or own multiple blogs.

Features like pulling blog posts from the blog in a snap or approving pending comments on the posts right from the app itself, make it worth checking out. And thanks for the 14 days Free Trial, you can try before you buy.

Anyway, if you decide to buy it right now, Blogo is offering 50% OFF on their regular price of $29. Buy it for $14.99 (Offer till 30th November)

Blogo is Free to use now, with some features available in a Premium Subscription. Go Install from App Store 


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