Create Different Content Formats to Increase Traffic and Engagement

Create Different Content Format

The way people consume content on the web has changed over time, a few years ago, the web was mostly text, then came the images, and now videos to have become a popular type of content format, YouTube is the largest video-sharing website on the web, and the stats are mind blowing.

The popularity of videos doesn’t mean consumption of other content formats like text and images has declined. It is still growing. In fact, Infographics are everywhere.

The best articles I have read lately contain these three content formats making the article appealing and full of information.

So, each type of content format works really well, and it works better then these content types of combined. But, can there be any other type of format which can work? which can bring traffic and engagement to a website?

I did a bit of research and found a few examples which I will be sharing in a while, but let’s first talk about the nature of engagement these existing type of formats bring.

A text-based article, if written nicely, can bring engagement from the visitors, people will spend a few minutes on the page reading it. Grammarly helps to create error free articles. But it is also true that half of them won’t read it will the end, or may just skim the article reading bits and pieces of the article.

Same can be said for the Infographics or images, the engagement could be a little higher because our brain understands the visual representation far better than text. There are tools to create images easily.

The videos also can be consumed easily by the visitors, but it also takes the maximum time to create video content. Getting started on YouTube requires a completely different set of expertise.

New Content Format 02

The other type of content format I am talking about is Quizzes. This is not entirely a new content format but it has changed and is mostly being used by the popular blogs we know as viral blogs. The blogs that that combine the three content types,  the text, images and videos and create viral content.

They also create quizzes and it has proved to bring the maximum engagement. Some may argue that BuzzFeed was first one to create such type of content.

NEw Content Format 01

PlayBuzz, a website from Israel, which is said to be the clone of BuzzFeed, has built their website entirely on Quizzes. There are thousands on Quizzes on their website on possibly every topic. They mention that the average time spent on each of quizzes is more than 4 minutes.

Creating Quizzes is not tough, PlayBuzz allows publishers to register on their website, create Quizzes and the embed the Quizz to their websites. It works well in WordPresss posts, the Quizzes are responsive so they look good on both PC and mobile.

I’ve also found a WordPress Plugin on CodeCanyon which makes it easy to create Quizzes right inside the WordPress Blog. You can read the review here.


PlayBuzz was number one website to get the most number of shares on Facebook and the most number of visitors. Which only proves that Quizzes work very well to bring traffic and engagement to a website.

Quizzes are an Interactive type of content format that encourage users to participate, they have to submit answers to find out the results of the Quizz they are taking, which increases the engagement.

New Content Format 03

The Quiz doesn’t have to be a leisure pursue, it can be useful too, like if you run a food blog, you can create quizzes that can tell if a person is allergic to a particular type of food, or what kind of food they can have to lose weight. Basically, the Quizz format can fit any topic, any informational article can be turned into an Interactive Quizz.

Start Building Quizzes using the WordPress Viral Quiz ➝


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