Disable The WordPress Gutenberg in Favour of The Classic Editor


WordPress will soon be upgrading their post editor by bringing new and modern publishing experience, they have named it Gutenberg, which will replace the current post editor in WordPress 5.0.

For users to get a taste of it, there is already a plugin available that can be installed and the Gutenberg post editor can be used.

I have tried it earlier and it is quite refreshing, but, there are certain things in the classic post editor and I still haven’t found any replacement for that in the Gutenberg post editor.

For example, I have been using the Newspaper theme on several of my blogs and it adds some useful functionalities to the Classic Post Editor, which adds a vertical line on the right-hand side to give you an idea about the width of the post area. This is missing in Gutenberg.

How to disable guttenberg post editor in WordPress 4.x.x versiona

As we are in version 4.9.8 of WordPress, the rollout of Gutenberg post editor is nearing, I came across a plugin that brings back the Classic editor.

Although it is what not useful right now because you can disable the Gutenberg plugin if you are currently using it before the WordPress 5.0 version.

How to Disable Gutenberg Post Editor in WordPress 5.0

When the wordpress 5.0 update is available and the Gutenberg Post Editor replaces the Classic Post Editor, this plugin is going to be really useful in bringing back the Classic Post Editor to WordPress.

All you need to do is go to the plugin area where you add plugins to your WordPress blog search for Classic Editor, install and activate it.

We will then get an option to open or edit previous post in the Classic editor.


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