A Minimalist Tool for Distraction Free Writing

Writers tend to keep fighting with distractions in order to be productive and get maximum content written in limited time. In the past, we have shared a handful of tools to be productive. Here is another writing tool for you with few interesting features.


Writebox gives you the ability to write inside Google Chrome browser, which makes it easy to get started easily. The content gets saved locally and also lets you save your works in Google Drive and Dropbox, so that you can view from another computer or mobile and work on it.
I like the tool and have been using it to write my long form articles.

Things I like about Writebox

  • You don’t have to save the file anywhere as it gets saved in the browser itself.
  • You can run it in full screen mode which cuts all the distractions away so that you can concentrate on your writing.
  • The other thing is you can change the background and text colour, the size and width.
  • Plus, it’s very lightweight and you don;t need to install anything on your PC other than Google Chrome, which you might already have installed.

Now that we have mentioned a great tool to boost your writing, it might not be the only reason you are not productive in your writing. Learn how you can write in a crowded room, if that’s your concern. Or, how to get ideas flowing to keep writing fresh and new content for your blog.

If all of the above suggestions doesn’t work for you, then you should take a break from writing and start collecting new ideas, you can ask for guest posts for your blog to keep the content rolling or even outsource it till you are back to writing.

I have been trying all these things myself for my blogs from time to time and it has helped me to keep the coming with quality content.

What’s Next?: Find out effective techniques to write more quality content


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