Double Your Adsense Revenue by Using This Adsense Ready Theme

If your primary source of Income from your blog is Google Adsense, I am sure this will be of a great help to you.

Did you know that by only change the theme of your blog, you can possibility double your income overnight?

Yes, that’s true.

The revenue from Google Adsense depends on certain factors, such as CTR (Click Through Rate), Ads Viewability and CPC (Cost Per Click).

A CPC is something that depends on various factors, like, which country your visitors are coming from. If you are seeing your site from India, the CPC will be low and if the visitors from the USA click on ads, the CPC will be high (while some other factors also come into play).

Improving the CPC can take a lot of time because you will have to plan your content, target visitors from specific regions etc. But other factors like CTR and Ads Viewability can be done without much effort.

And this is exactly what Adsense Ready themes offer, tested placements that generate high CTR and get viewed.

However, there is one more factor that can result in increased earnings. And that is, asking notifying Ad Blocker users to disable the Ad blockers if they want to view your site.

There are browsers like UC Browser and Opera Browser that offer inbuilt ad blockers in the name of making the web faster.

And many users don’t  even notice that they are doing a big harm to the publishers by blocking ads.

You can read my article about how to fight Ad blockers to increase AdSense revenue. Or simply start using the Ad-Sense theme created by MyThemeShop.

Ad-Sense Adsense Ready Themes01.jpg

Ad-sense theme, as the name suggests, is specifically designed with Adsense in mind.

You can check out the demo, which shows how well places that Google Ads can be to get maximum CTR.

And the reason I love this theme is that of its inbuilt AdBlocker Detector.

What is AdBlocker Detector?

When a user is visiting your website from a browser which has an Ad Blocker.

It automatically detects it and shows a warning sign to the user asking him to disable it in order to continue visiting the page on the site.

This may look a small feature but it can literally shop your revenue up depending on how many people are using Ad-Blockers.

How to find how many people use Ad-Blockers

While there is certainly a way to figure out how many visitors have ad blockers installed. I will tell you the simple trick to find it out using Google Analytics.

Go to Audience – Technology – Browser & OS. 

You can check out people using Opera and UC browser, these are the people who don;t see your ad.

UC Browser Users.jpg

One of my websites has 45% visitors using UC Browser and 21% visitors using Opera Mini. Which means the majority of people (45%+21%=66%) are not viewing my ads at all. and I can double my earnings if 50% our of 66% start seeing my ads.

So, in such cases, Ad-Sense theme is the best option to use.

A couple of days ago I shared a review of Splash 3.0 WordPress theme which is a blazing fast theme with a narrow width. And that theme is also from MyThemeShop.

Which means it fast. And like all their themes, MTS offer 7 one click install layouts, which makes it look good for any type of niche, be it Food, Spots, Baby Blog, Fitness and  Fashion.


View all Demos of Ad0Sense

Buy & Download Ad-Sense Theme $59

Get the theme for just $19, use Coupon Code: Adsense19: Buy Now 


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