Find out the Most Effective Techniques to Write More Content


If you own a blog, you must agree how difficult it is to create content for the blog consistently. Though we know so much about how to write more content by keeping an idea file, getting inspired, doing interviews, and many others.

But the fact remains the same, how do you get words out. I am listing few tips to help you write more.

Keeping an Idea file

It has been written many times by many people, Ideas can come to anyone at any time, you have to take the efforts to capture it. Be ready for it always, Evernote, which has been mentioned millions of times for being an awesome note taking app (Check out most product tools for blogging). If you are not using it, you are not following the basic rule, try Google Keep if Evernote is not your thing.

Or simply write a text document on your mobile, you can keep it synced to your PC by keeping it in Dropbox. That’s the simplest solution for taking notes.

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We usually get ideas when we are sitting idle or trying to sleep, or even in the middle of the night. Write it down whenever you get it. Okay now, let’s move to the next one.

Create a set of writing tools

You tend to start writing right away and write more when you have a tool that is simple to use and gives you a clean interface to write, read this post about writing tools that can actually improve your writings. Best Keyboards for Better writing.

Revive your older posts

If you go to your blog and dig older posts, you will find that you have so many things to add  to a particular blog posts, make a list of such posts.

Take out the points you think you can expand further, this technique alone will give you enough to write content for months.

Write posts that are very basic

Just because you think that it is very basic to write on your blog, doesn’t mean other would think the same, don’t think your readers are on same level, some would be on the very beginners mode, write such posts for them, I am sure they are going to love it.

You might know how to make tea, but is is being searched on the internet every day and there are millions of search queries for that.

Try, Learn and Share

If you write about things you love, try experimenting and learn from it, I am sure you will learn a lot, then share your experience with your readers.

Running a series on your blog will give you content for months and that content would be interesting because people would want to learn from your experiences.

Opinions, Polls and Performance reports

The Industry your blog falls in, might bring in new products or new standards for consumers, write your opinions for the updates from your industry.

Ask for reader’s opinions, do a Poll, ask readers what they think of a particular thing, write about results and reports about it. these type of posts are shared on Social Media and can bring in more readers.

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