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I recently completed 8 years in blogging, when I look back, all I can say that this journey has been wonderfully amazing. Be it the ups or downs, I simply loved every bit of it.

And when I look at the posts from my initial days of blogging, I can see how much improvement I’ve made along the way as a writer.

Not just the typos or grammatical errors, my sentence are way better than they used to be back then.

This didn’t happen overnight, it took me years to get where I am today, and I am still learning.

Along the way, I used a lot of techniques to make better and more high-quality posts.

And today, I am going to talk about one such particular tool in a little detail, because it deserves one.

If you are a regular reader of Asiogroup.net, you might have seen me mentioning Grammarly many times in my previous posts.


I started using Grammarly a year ago, and it has made my life very easy.
Prior to using Grammarly, I had to review my drafts twice, and sometimes, even after that, there were some typos left in the article, it feels really embarrassing when your readers comment to tell you about the typo.

Also, I had to use a Microsoft Office for initial writing to catch spelling mistakes and some basic grammar.
I was switching between a few tools to get my writing done faster irrespective of the device I am using.

Fun Fact: Grammarly Corrected 11 Grammatical Errors & Typos in this Post. :-)

My writings for any article is mostly done in Writebox or, if I have to write a tutorial with a lot of images, I use Windows Live Writer. (Now I am using MacBook Air so it is Blogo most of the time).

So, I had to cut & paste the text from these tools to Microsoft Office and see if it catches errors. Then it gets posted to either inside Blog’s Post Editor or the App, depending on the type of article.

And then, one proofreading and formatting followed by the final review of the post before making it live.

Now, moving to the ‘Microsoft Office’ part has been eliminated. Now, when I’m done writing in either of the tools, I simply draft them in my Blog’s Post Editor. The Chrome Extension for Grammarly takes care of proof-reading and finding grammatical errors.


It’s so powerful that it suggests how a sentence can be made better. Fixing the errors is super easy, unlike Microsoft Office, which doesn’t even find 1/10 of the errors found by Grammarly.

The chrome extension lets me write error-free almost everywhere. A small icon appears at the bottom right corner of the text fields letting you easily open and fix the error you do.




Either I am making a Facebook post, a tweet, or a comment on a blog, Grammarly helps me write better. I make a lot of typos even in my Facebook posts or tweets and Grammarly has been a blessing in disguise.

After writing all the praise about Grammarly, I want to say that not every software is perfect and Grammarly is no exception, it is also not perfect.

Sometimes it won’t open the editor when you click on the bottom right icon to fix errors in your sentences. Sometimes it will not recognize a few common names and will ask you to change them. I’ve also seen it getting too strict on grammar.

But you can always ignore the suggestions it makes. Because in the end, it makes your life very easy.

➤ Start using Grammarly to create error-free articles.


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