A Small Guide to Gain Followers on Instagram without Much Effort


Facebook might be having the most number of users for a Social networking site, but Instagram is the fastest growing Social Network. And it sees a high engagement rate as well. People on Instagram check their accounts more than people on any other Social Network.

You are not going to believe me if I say that Instagram was the least entertaining Social Media Channel for me a few weeks ago. Because, hey, there is no away to put links in your posts, and how is someone going to visit the page you want them to visit.

What I felt about Instagram was a bunch of people wanting to show off their stuff by putting different filters on their Squared photos.

While I believe it is still valid to some extent, But I have finally found it to be extremely helpful in building a brand and not just getting visitors to your page.

Some People are Building Their Brand Entirely on Instagram

Many people are leveraging the Audience of Instagram to get traction, and I want to show a few examples that are doing it the best.


Susan Petersen (CEO of Freshly Picked) grew her following to 500,000 by using the methods we will discuss in this post below. She said that in early days, she would like and comment on the photos of relevant accounts every night to get their attention, it worked for her pretty well.

She now averages around 9000 likes and 100 comments on her every post on Instagram.


Rafael Mantesso is a digital artist, who was sad because his wife left him with just his Dog, Jimmy Choo (the Dog’s name) He took some photos and posted them on Instagram, and the rest is history.

He now has over 500,000 followers on Instagram and averages around 20,000 likes on each of his posts. Rafael brings a lot of sales of books from Instagram his store for existing only because of the success he got on Instagram.

How to Manage Your Instagram Account


If you haven’t already created an account on Instagram, make sure you go for your blog name as the username, it makes it easier for others to find it.

Before starting to gain followers and posting photos on Instagram, make sure you add the URL of your website where you want people to land.

Instagram is a mobile-first company, which means, its focus is on Mobile. And it is fully functional only as a Mobile app, which means that you will have to use a mobile phone to post photos to it.

It also makes you should make your website Mobile friendly as almost everyone is going to access it using their mobile phones.

Fortunately, there are a few workarounds to do other things from a browser, and this chrome app called Instagram -Unofficial which lets you upload photos, follow, like and comment directly from your PC. (Though it’s buggy and does not work most of the time)

I would recommend you to install the app and use it on your phone. It will let you make use of your time you will spend away from your PC.

Post Great Looking Images and Graphics on Instagram

Instagram is full of passionate people who love beautiful photos and graphics, and that is the very point of Instagram, to share great-looking pictures and graphics.

So, make sure you follow it, take a few extra minutes to create photos or images exclusively for Instagram. You can use web apps like Canva for creating images with rich texts, and there are also few Mobile apps lie Insta Quote and Pick Quote for creating images from your mobile phone.

You cannot put links to the posts, but you can surely ask people to click the link in the description. Few people change the description, every time they post something, with the url they want their followers to check out.

But, you can also ask users to click on the description link and search for the particular thing using a keyword. – It works well for me as I don’t have to keep changing the link and if someone finds my previous posts, they can still and search for it on the link in the description.

Build a Following on Instagram by Following Relevant Accounts

It is the simplest way to gain followers on Instagram. People who use Instagram, are very active on it, and approximately 50% of the people follow back the account which follows them.

Which means, if you follow 100 people, there are high chances that at least 50 people (give or take 5-10 accounts) would follow you back.

But, it isn’t as simple as it sounds, Instagram has put a limit on following 100 accounts every hour, and if you are following them fast, your account might get suspended.

And then, you won’t be able to follow more people is there is a vast difference in the Followers/Following Ratio. Which means, if 1000 people are following you, you cannot follow more than 3000 people.


So, you need to be slow, follow 60-70 accounts every hour. Do this 3 to 4 times a day, then wait for a day to follow them back, unfollow the people who are not following you (use UnFolloGram) and then repeat the process.

Automate the process of following users on Instagram

You can automate this process by using apps like Crowdfire (iOS App| Android App). It lets you manage your Instagram account efficiently, giving an easy interface to follow and unfollow people, tells you who is following you and who is not.

The app also reduces the change of getting suspended as it lowers the limit of following other accounts. The apps come with powerful features like copying the followers of related accounts, which is convenient for getting relevant followers.

Build a Following on Instagram by Liking and Commenting on Posts from Relevant Accounts

Hashtags are a vital feature of Instagram and are used a lot. I mean, a dozen hashtags are filled in each post.


You can find Instagram posts relevant to your niche by searching for the Hashtags, then start liking posts and commenting on the ones you love.

It is another technique in getting the attention of uses on Instagram and results in people following you.

Manage Time Efficiently to Build a Following on Instagram

I know it requires a lot of time in following, unfollowing, commenting, liking, posting great looking photos.

I used another app called Any.Do to create multiple Reminders that get repeated every day. These reminded me to open the CrowdFire App and follow people, six times a day, six days a week.

I would then Unfollow the people who didn’t follow me on Sunday and then repeated the process on Monday. I could;t do it efficiently, yet I was able to get to 4000 marks in a month, which I think is cool.

I did all in my free time, using my Mobile phone and the Any. Do app where I’ve put the reminders to do use the Crowdfire and Instagram app when I was taking a break from work.



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