How to get more Likes on Facebook Page

More and more people have started using Facebook, more than half of the total user base is active and consumes content on Facebook. If you own a Facebook page for your blog/ website, you surely want to leverage the Facebook’s user base to get as many ‘Likes’ as possible. If you are struggling to get more likes to your Facebook page, here are few things you can do to increase the number of ’Likes’. These are the tips I have been following and they have helped me get more ‘Likes’

Share Photos instead of post likes directly

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, it could be even worth million words, we don’t care, what we do care is, it grabs people’s attention. Even some metrics are that Pictures are weighted more than text and hence are shown above in the newsfeed of people.

Share latest information from your Area of Topic

Don’t just share posts from your own blog, but try sharing latest info/ news from your area of topic, better would be to create an image file and write inside it, then upload it on your page, this would again be weighted more than simple text, and if the post is, unique and interesting, it might get many shares, resulting in many more likes to your page.

Tag your Friends on Photos

When you tag someone in a photo, they might appear in their friend’s newsfeel as they are being tagged in your page’s photo, this again can get you likes from people who already like your page.

Share Humorous photos/quotes

The main reason people use Facebook is to stay in touch with their friends and consume ‘light hearted content’, which includes jokes, humorous quotes etc. While it may or may not work for everyone, it has given better results to me.

Work on SEO of your Facebook page

Yes, this part might have grabbed your attention, a little effort on SEO for Facebook page can do wonders in getting ‘Likes for your Facebook page. Click to know more about SEO for your Facebook Page


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