11 Ways to Grow Instagram Followers Organically

If you are using Instagram for becoming an influencer, aur you are simply following your passion by sharing your content on Instagram. This is an interesting and informative article that will let you know how to grow your followers on Instagram organically.

Before going further, Instagram is not for everybody. The only type of content that works on Instagram is visual content, so unless your content is or whatever you do is visually appealing, these suggestions will not work and great for you.

Use proper hashtags

Instagram keeps introducing new features to its platform, and what are the recent feature is to allow users to follow a particular #.

So you can utilise hashtags in your favour and land in the fields of people who don’t follow you but are interested in similar content.

When using a #, Instagram will suggest the popular ones, which you can use in your posts. Many third-party tools will also help you find out the best hashtags you can use for your posts.

Check out Hashtag generator

Find the right time to post

I have experienced this myself, and this is not a secret anymore. There are particular times when most followers would be active on the platform, and it would be the right time to post something.

Surely the Instagram algorithm comes into play and shows your post at a different time, but knowing when your followers are active will help aap you get maximum engagement on your posts which will further boost your post to all other followers.

Insights in Instagram analytics in the Instagram and app will tell you when your most of the followers are active. It will help you to understand the right time to post.

Use stunning Graphics for posts

Using the caption area for putting information for your readers, you can put that information on graphics and post it on Instagram.

I have seen several popular Instagram accounts doing it with great success. Text with good typography and big fonts are much easier on the eyes and get more engagement.

This also encourages users to post your post on your stories since it can be read by other people, encouraging them to also Tab on the post for further information.

Free tools like Canva can help you create stunning Graphics for stories and posts.

Use Geotags to attract followers

When you go to the search area of Instagram, you will find one option is ‘locations’.

So if you use location tags in your posts, it has higher chances of landing in this section of Instagram which will make it stand out, and we’ll also help you gain some local followers.

Instagram is all about having access to the global audience, but a local audience can be helpful in many use cases.

Use the ‘Highlights’ feature

Instagram stories are quite popular among Instagrammers. But they only last for 24 hours.

Instagram has this highlights feature where you can add your Instagram stories, and they will not disappear.

Highlights appear in your profile area, and you can creatively use this space to share information with your followers or encourage other people to follow you on Instagram.

Approach ‘Feature Accounts’ on Instagram

There are many Instagram accounts whose sole purpose is to feature other people’s content.

And they are quite popular among Instagram users since they pic best content from many Instagram creators. Thankfully many of them also give out credits to the original creator, which can be a huge help for new Instagram accounts.

You can approach search featured accounts on Instagram DM them to ask if they’re willing to share your best content on their accounts.

Utilize the trends in your favour

Social media is full of trends and challenges, and people love to take part in it. You can creatively use trends in your favour to gain followers.

If you end up doing a particular trend in perfection or in a unique way to stand out from the crowd, you get a huge exposure from millions of Instagram users.

Create more video content

Consumption of video content has increased many folds in the last few years. Instagram also has become one of the major social media platforms where videos do pretty well.

Videos tend to get more engagement as the user has to stay on the post to watch the content, which signals to let Instagram know no people are interested in the post.

It also increases the chances of your content getting shared by other Instagram users on stories.

Post Reels regularly

Reels have been introduced recently, and it seems it is still not messed up by the Instagram algorithm.

Since it is a newly launched feature, it has fewer people posting than posting Instagram stories or posts.

And Instagram promotes it heavily; it even has got a dedicated button in the app to let users watch reels continuously, which increases the chances of reels getting thin by a lot of non-followers.

If you are good with creating short-form video, you can gain from this new feature of Instagram.

Collaborate with other creators

It is also one of the effective ways to gain followers on Instagram. But it only works effectively if the value creator is from your niche.

For collaboration, you can share each other’s posts on stories or give shout outs to each other, are you can use the live feature to go live and interact with your audience.

The live feature notifies all the followers of both the parties who are going live, does increase the chances of getting followers from other creators.

Utilise other social media presence

If you have a social media following on other platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, you can utilise it to let users know about your presence on Instagram and ask them to follow you.

Many YouTube personalities have been using Instagram as their secondary platform to interact with their subscribers, as YouTube is only for long and Christopher video. In contrast, they use Instagram for sharing 15-second stories, life updates, behind the scene videos etc.

Organise Giveaways

I have kept this as the last method because not many people can afford to arrange giveaways at the beginning of their careers.

But giveaways are still a lucrative way to gain followers without spending a huge amount of money by promoting Instagram using their Ads.

Many influencers belonging to the fashion and makeup category give away Ae the PR packages they review on their accounts.

This is some kind of collaboration between brands in influencers where influencers get products for free to give away, and the brands get exposure in return.

You can set terms of the giveaway, such as following your Instagram account, leaving a comment on the post, sharing it on the story, etc., to manipulate the algorithm into believing it is an organic post to push your post to more people.


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