How to Build a Popular Tech Blog


Consider this a guide, to create and run a successful blog that covers tech related topics. Though technically every blog is created with the same method, but the initial thinking process for long-term objective of the blog varies drastically with the topic of the blog.

For example, If you are looking to create a Viral blog, your objective would be to bring as much traffic you can by writing enticing headlines, using stunning visuals, and a lot of promotions on Social Media channels, specifically Facebook.

So, if you are looking to create a tech blog, the objective would be totally different from the one Viral blog has. You would have to decide what type of content you should write, for example, will it be a tech blog that will cover technology news.  Should the focus be on Mobile? Desktop? Apps? Or Industry news.


Should it be about simplifying tech for normal people or a very technical  for people who already know a thing or two about the tech.

You will have to find answers to all these questions before starting your blog. And once you get the answer, you should stick to it.

You definitely can create a blog that talks about all the things tech, but then your visitors will have a very board interest and it becomes tough to cater everyone’s interest, and you may need a lot of people to help you create content for broader topics. 

Now, if you are looking to create a blog that will cover news, let me remind you that 1100 new news tech blogs have already been created since you started reading this article. This number isn’t correct obviously, but you get the idea of how crowded the market is.

And you will be competing against these big blogs who have dozens of writers creating posts for them, they create multiple posts a day and there is no way you can compete with them with just you writing the blog and managing it on Social Media whiling taking care of the technical part of it as well.

While getting success with a single authored blog has become tougher, there is still some hope, if you know what you are going to do with it. Have some patience to put time and energy into your blog until you reach a level where you can get help by hiring people for your tech blog.

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Start small, Pick one topic to write

Being a single person to write on the blog initially, you can pick one topic or several topics and stick to it initially.

For example,

Write about iPhones, Don’t do news or leaks, there are tons of blogs already doing it. You will stand no chance. Instead, write reviews of iPhone, Different aspects of  the iOS, or, if you can handle, write about all the Apple Products.

You can write about iOS Apps (or Android Apps), review them, write about apps that let you do something easily, automate work etc.

You basically need to start in a way that you can cover almost entire thing about a particular thing. Then, you can keep adding more topics, and more people to write about more topics.

Selecting a Name for your tech blog

This is an important step and something you should give more attention than anything else written in this article.

As we discussed in the section above, you should start small, but always remember to choose a name that will make sense even when you will add more topics.

Don’t get carried away and pick a domain name like unless you plan to keep your blog exclusively about iPhones. is better if you are going to keep it an Apple-only blog.

Or is better, which gives you a plenty of room to add more topics, including products from Google, Microsoft etc. may not be available, but you get the idea about how to choose a domain name. Also, Do not go ahead and add tagline of popular bands in your domain name. Try making it simple or prefixes or suffixes to get a unique name that is also available on Facebook and Twitter. (But it’s okay if you can find one that’s available everywhere)

Technical Guide: Setting up your tech blog.

As you are looking to create a tech blog, I am sure you can pick this up easily. Setting up a WordPress (why WordPress?) blog is the easiest part of starting a blog.

Follow this step by step guide to create your blog or you can sign up for Asiogroup Plus to watch all the step by step guides at one place. (Currently not active)

Ideas regarding writing tech content

Tech keeps changing, so there will always be a demand of fresh and updated tutorials of doing/fixing anything. Write articles about troubleshooting something, the Internet is filled with articles like these, yet there is so much content gap you can fill.

If there is already a tutorial, try writing a simple one, if there is already a simple one available somewhere, try writing a detailed one.

Your goal should be to create a unique/better/latest tutorial that genuinely helps people who are looking for it.

Same goes with resource posts, the posts where you compile a list of software and apps that helps people do something in a better way.

You can take help of Keyword Research tools that will tell you what people are searching for, collect a handful of good keywords around your topic and start creating quality articles for the keywords.

You can read more about creating perfectly optimised articles that get search engines traffic.

Give Importance to the Layout of your blog.

Make it simple, do not go for a perfectly looking design, instead, go for a design that works, that lets your visitors read the content with ease. Make use of images, make fonts bigger that are easy to read.

Mobile is the future, everyone will be using their phones to read your blog. Make sure it is mobile friendly, which not only means it should load fast and look good, but also put the Ads where they get seen by visitors.

You can checkout the WordPress themes section of our blog where we keep listing stunning WordPress themes for various type of blogs. 

Give every option to your visitors to subscribe to your blog, via email, Facebook Page or Twitter handle

Promote your tech blog on Social Media

Like I mentioned Facebook and Twitter in the above section to give your visitors an option to find your future posts. Do not use these channels just to feed your blog posts, instead do more with them.

Use these channels to post things you cannot post on your blog. Like, posting news updates from the tech industry, post about special deals currently running on Amazon or Ebay.

For example, I’ve seen many people promoting their Facebook pages by posting Relevant MEMES or Videos.

Though most of them steal the content from others, do not be that person, Give proper credit to the original creator and share relevant images and videos on your pages.

We used the similar technique to promote one of our blog on Facebook and results were amazing. There is no reason why it won’t work for a tech blog if done properly.

Monetize your tech blog in a better way

Advertising is the most popular way to monetize any blog on the Internet because it is easy and does not require a lot of thinking or brain power to implement.

You work on getting a lot of traffic to your blog and then put Ads from Adsense or hundreds of other Media agencies, and keep collecting $$.

But there is more to it, just by placing these ads smartly can result in 20% to 30% rise in your Advertising income.

Must Read: The Bests Ways to Make Money from a Blog

Then there are other ways like Affiliate Marketing or Native Advertising that can be tried.

For tech blog, affiliate marketing will be about putting affiliated links of products you talk about on your blog, so that if anyone buys it, you make some $$.

For Affiliate Marketing to work, you need a good strategy to work on,

For example,

Writing reviews of the  popular/hot selling products with good  affiliate payouts and reviewing them on your blog.

Doing a list of resource posts occasionality with your affiliate links.

When more people buy, the small affiliate commission adds up to become a big amount.

A great blog grows like a plant, it doesn’t grow while you sit and watch it, it keeps growing slowly, even when you sleep. So, give it time.

Native Advertising is a bit of smart work and may require your blog to be in a position where brands take some interest in promoting their products on your blog by sponsoring one of your regular posts, where you can simply say that “this particular post is brought to you by xxx brand.” Though there is more to NativeAdvertising, which you can read in a detailed post here.

I want to bring this to your attention that Earning a respectable revenue from your blog will take time, and it will be better if you can just focus on creating content for at least six months before turning your idea down.

Finally, this guide for starting a tech blog has come to end, I hope you enjoyed reading it and found it useful if you did, please consider sharing it with others.

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