Helpful Tips for Solo Bloggers to Succeed in 2023

So, finally, we are in 2023 now. I wish you a lot of happiness and prosperity in your life.

Since this blog is about online business and blogging, we will talk about how we can improve as a blogger.

I had posted an article about how to succeed in blogging. One of the points that I made was, outsourcing the unproductive work so that you if it was on the things that matter.

Solo bloggers need to follow these strategies and follow the path of smart work instead of hard work.

So, here are few helpful tips for solo bloggers to succeed in 2020

Follow 80/20 Rule, The Pareto Principle

If you aren’t already familiar with this principle, check out this Wikipedia entry defining it.

It means that 80% of our results come from 20% of our efforts. And it holds in every aspect of life.

It’s pure gold if you get it and start following. You can save as much as 80% of your time by not worrying about the rest of the 20% of results.

Let me share a few examples for a better understanding of how it works

Let’s say you spend 5 hours of your day creating content, another 5 hours promoting it on Social Media, giving 1 hour on Facebook, 1 hour on Instagram, 1 Hour on Twitter, you get the idea.

Maybe only Facebook is bringing you the majority of the traffic. And if that is the case, it does not make sense to spend your time on Twitter and Instagram, which you can otherwise spend on other things.

Maybe you are a video creator, and it takes 5 hours to edit a video. The video might only take 2 hours to make it presentable enough, but you spend another 3 hours polishing it. It just doesn’t make sense if you don’t have resources or time to do it.

Use Automation Tools Wherever Possible

Thankfully, for a blogger, there are a lot of automation tools available out there, which can help you save a great deal of time. Though you will have to spend some money on some pro tools.

However, it depends on you how much you want to spend, as there are free options available as well.

For example, you can use services like PostCron, which makes life a little easy by automating Social Media Management.

It provides a unified platform from where you can push content on several Social Media sites all at once. I’ve written about it here.

The good thing is, it has a free version, although the paid version brings more features and support for more accounts.

Similarly, apps like Buffer, Hootsuite are free alternatives that can automate social media management.

Another area where you can automate your workflow is Creating content. Use Canva for creating graphics, which has got a massive library of templates, all you have to do it make edits, and it is ready.

You can also automate your writing process by using Speech to Text or speed your proofreading process by using Grammarly.

You can combine these two apps and create more content in the same time frame. It would help if you found a way to automate your workflow as much as you can do that you do not get tired and also save time.

Don’t do things you do not like or you are not an expert of

Bloggers spend hours tweaking their blog themes, which is just a pure waste of time. I’ve done this myself, plenty of time.

Fortunately, I’ve stopped doing this long ago. If I have something to be fixed on the blog, I turn to Fivver and hire someone, it costs as less as $5, let an expert do the job and save your hours to do stuff that you like to do, or you are an expert of, which is, creating content or promoting it.

Don’t think too much about link building

Newbie bloggers have been fed the information that without backlinks, it is impossible to succeed in blogging, which is a partial truth.

Backlinks do make a difference in ranking a blog, but it is not the only factor.

Google keeps changing their search algorithms, and they have always maintained that bloggers should focus on creating great content.

If you are a solo blogger, your time is better to spend in creating great content than building links.

I’ve done this myself. One of my blogs is successful only because of its content. I never worked on creating backlinks for it and spent all my time creating content.

There are many things you should do as a solo blogger. The idea is to do more in less time without getting burned out and quit blogging altogether.

Here is a list of tools I personally use and it saves a huge deal of time for me on a daily basis.

I’ll be posting more blogging and online business-related information on the blog. Make sure you follow it on Facebook, Twitter, or Subscribe to the Newsletter.


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