How I Started Making Money Online

StartIf you have not read my about page, let me tell you my story, how I got into money making online.

When I came to Delhi in 2006, I used to get a fixed amount of money from home. My monthly was Rs5000 ($125). Delhi was expensive and I was a teenager, so it was next to impossible to get all what you need at this age.

The most important thing is that you can’t get a girlfriend with that king of budget (you know, all the food expenses and mobile phone bills). You can never get any luxury with that much money. But sleeping was the only luxury you get free of cost, so I enjoyed it the most. You can’t imagine, I even lived a life where I had to skip one time meal to survive until I get money the next month.

This was the time I joined Global Vantedge India (GVI) in September, 2006. My job was to make calls to US, AT&T Account holders and ask for the payment of the past due amount on their accounts. This was not a respectable job but I had to do it, to cover my expenses I am so sick of these girls demanding gifts all the time.

But as I started working in GVI, I started living according to the US time zone. My social life went off and I was unacceptable in USA and even in India. I was a guy who had a Fake American Accent and an Indian Face. People of America were not ready to take me as an American whereas my Indian friends started calling me American.

After working there for 5 months, I finally quit the job as it was limit of my patience, I had no stamina to live jet lagged life without even traveling anywhere in the world.

I didn’t resign from there, I was absconding from there. And I enjoyed the most luxurious and free thing that is sleeping for two months. After that, when I again started getting tight with budget, I started looking for a job, and this time a made it very clear that I am not going to do a call center job. But also no sales or marketing field job.

So , I started searching for online job, any kind of, be it data entry, buying selling of any damn thing. I had already tried Adsense back in 2006 but it didn’t work for me. So I just started reading about how to earn money.

One day when I was reading an article on a Website, I noticed a paid post above it. there was also a banner that was of smorty. I clicked on it and came to know that it pays to review the advertiser’s products or services.

That was the time I came to know about getting paid by writing reviews on your blog.

Blogs were not new to me as I started blogging in 2005, but I was not a regular blogger and it wasn’t for money, I just made few pages writing about me and my photos. But this was the time I did a research about blogs and how it is useful in making money. I also searched all other sites similar to smorty. I got many sites like Sponsored Reviews, Pay Per Post, Review Me, Blogvertise.

And then I made my 1st blog 365 dreams a year. It was on a sub domain. I wrote on that blog and submitted it free directories, did everything to popularize it. After one month I got an opportunity to review a products, that was the time I got my first $$ in my PayPal account.

At the same time a continued my research about blogs and making money online, as it was the only way to get financial freedom. I made a target that I’ll buy a domain as soon as I get that much in my PayPal. After writing two reviews, I got $9.75 in my account, so I registered a Domain and got it hosted on but I also worked on my 1st blog. I did the same thing on this blog too and after some time I started writing review on both blog. Being a student, I had plenty of time, so I devoted 8 hours daily to my blog and wrote reviews and popularized my blogs.

After just two months, I was making enough money from my blogs. it was very less in comparison to all other big shots, but it added a lot of value to my life. That was the time, when reviews were in craze and there was a lot of money in it. and when the times passed by, I learned other ways of making money, like private ads, providing services, selling eBooks, affiliate marketing. However, I haven’t tried those entire things yet. But will try all of them in near future.

During the journey of making money online, I not only made money, but made few quality friends, got so much knowledge from designing to writing, from link building to SEO. As it is said “the process of learning never stops” my research for it will continue, as there is no Permanent method for making money online.

In 2006-07 it was reviews, and in 07-08 it was private ads. So, tomorrow it would be something else. I will keep researching and keep updating you all on this blog, so do follow my blog by getting its feeds in your favorite reader or get my posts in your email inbox.


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