How I Increased My Website Traffic Over 10 Times in Just a Month

People who are expecting a magic out of this post, please stop reading it. I don’t have a magic bullet system to get huge amount of traffic on a website overnight, in fact I can even speak that language, you know his language these super marketers speak, driving thousands of visitors to a page for Free.

Here is a case study

Of one of my blogs which I did to find what exactly takes a website to perform well in search engines. How do we get to rank better to keep getting traffic for a longer period of time?

I picked up one of my blogs (which was set up in March 2012) which was getting over 1500 to 2000 visitors a month. As you can see that the traffic was less than 5000 visitors a month throughout 2012. I picked up the website for my experiment in Feb 2013 that month it got 3079 visitors.
The website might have been getting low traffic but the content was getting published regularly, and the frequency was 3 to 5 posts a week which is quite fair number for a blog.

Submitting the blog to Blog Directories

So, when I picked up this blog in Feb 2013, I started doing just one SEO thing every month. First month was about commenting on adding the blog to blog directories, you now all these blog directories which offer do follow links, I started adding the blog to at least 10 blog directories every week. I did this till 25th February, I had an accident and broke my leg, so I wasn’t really working for two months, March and April.

Adding SEO Plugin to the Blog

But when I got back to my work in May, I added an SEO Plugin by Yoast, and started editing previous posts (over 250 Posts) adding keywords and meta tags.

It started showing some signs of increase in traffic but it was that great, in June, the blog got 4400 visitors which was 1500+ the average monthly visitors.

Moving the Blog to a new Domain

The next thing I tried in June was little scary but as It was an experiment, I decided to go with it. The step was to find a keyword rich .com domain and use 301 redirect to move the blog to the new domain and see what happens. I has spent so much time much building and branding but the results were not that impressive so I decided to go.

I did that on the last week on June and it was after a week I saw increase in search traffic, in July, the blog got over 15000 visitors, that’s more than 300% increase in the traffic. And that figure was crossed in August 21, 2013 having 10 days left the blog would easily cross 20000 visitors.

This is a huge increase for a blog with over 300 post and never crossed 5000 visitors mark in any month in 2012.

Here is a recap of things you can do to increase traffic to your blog.

So this case study shows that SEO is important, image getting 10x the traffic to your blog by doing the same amount of work. It feels nice that more people read your blog, gain knowledge from your posts.

· On Page SEO is important, this is what I have come to know about, so add a SEO Plugin if you haven’t. Take a look at these SEO Plugins for your blog.

· Write Quality and Nicely Formatted Posts, this is equally important, when the blog was getting less traffic, the content was still high quality, all the posts are 500+ words explaining the topic and linking to other posts when needed. Now that more people are visiting the blog, there is no need to go back and edit them as all of the posts are high quality. How to Write Peacefully in a Crowded Room

· Move your Blog to Another Domain– I checked whether there has been a manual action on my blog, but Google said no. I even tried removing any bad links, reported spammers, content grabbers and almost everything that can be done, but traffic did not improve until I moved the blog to a new domain. I am not sure whether this will work for every blog but you can try it if there is no other option left.

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