How to Get 1000 Visitors to Your New Post

While this is a very achievable target for many bloggers, there are many who still struggle to get even this much of traffic. I hope this post will help all those bloggers to get 1000 visitors to their new post right after they publish it.

Now, gone are the days when you thought that people will come to your blog right after you publish your new post. There are millions of blog posts done every single day, so what makes your post unique?

Search Engine traffic will take to time reach your blog as it takes time for a blog post to rank in Search Engines, so the other thing you have is Social Media. Try to be more active on Twitter, Facebook etc. This gets plenty of instant traffic to your blog. and I’ll be telling you how to get 1000 Visitors to your blog right after you post your new article on the blog. But to achieve this target, you will have to keep these thing ready which I am writing below.

Keep in mind, the Title of the post should be catchy, which should make people click on it to read it.


Facebook has a limit of 5000 Friends, so make a fan page of your blog and suggest your friends to join it. Also, put it on your blog so that other readers can join it. Try to get as many users you can, on the fan page. Ask others to suggest the page to other users. this way your Fan page will go viral and you will end up having more than 1000 Fans in a month.


Now about Twitter, try to be active on twitter and try getting followers there, you can Follow the followers of other popular bloggers in your industry, this will increase your chances of getting followed by them. This is the math, if you follow 1000 people in your Niche everyday, there is a high possibility that you will get at least 200 followers. Doing this for a month you will have 200×30= 6000 Followers. Once you achieve a big number, you will start getting followers automatically. Later you can remove those people who are not following you. I know this is bit of hard work but it really pays off.

Blog Commenting

Now, make a list of popular blogs with high traffic at least 10 to 15. and leave comments there right after you publish your post. If each of the comments gets you 10 visitors, you will get around 100-150 visitors to your blog within couple of hours. The more blogs you comment on the more visits your blog will have.

Social Bookmarking

Be sure to put the Bookmarking buttons on the posts so that people can bookmark it and share it with their friends, Don’t wait for others to bookmark it, be the first one to bookmark your post and then ask your fellow bloggers to do it for you, this way you will get some good amount of traffic.

Talk About Your Post In  Forums

Go to the related forums and update them with your latest blog post Talk about the topic on with you have written the post and then leave a link to it, there will be many users who will visit your blog to read the post. This one will also get you instant Traffic to your blog post.

Email if to your Email List

If you have got an email list, sending a message to them about your new blog post is a great idea, they will always come to read the free content your produce on your blog.

So all these steps will definitely bring your around 1000 visitors on the first day of your blog post if you do it properly. Just keep in mind that the more you are active in Social Media, more you are going to benefit from it as long as you produce content on your blog, don’t get too much indulge in it that you forget Writing on your blog. The basic idea is to balance all these things if you really want to succeed.

Hope this article will help you in some way other the other.


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