How to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Blog? One Strategy that Still Works in 2021

I have been blogging since the start of 2007, which is almost a decade and a half, and I have seen the trains changing over and over again. I remember when I used to write (or shall I say rewrite) an article, and it would rank 21 in Google without putting extra efforts into it.

This spoilt me so much that when Google improved their ranking algorithm, and everybody had to earn backlinks for their articles to rank in Google, I didn’t bother.

Google has already maintained that all you have to do is create great content, and visitors will find their way to your website.

While there is some truth in it, it is not the whole truth. You will have to create great content for the visitors to land on your website and read it and convert it into a customer or whatever your objective is.

So, at one time, I stopped blogging for getting organic traffic from Google search engines and started working on getting traffic from social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Surprisingly, these websites were sending a lot of traffic because these social media types were still growing why looking for ways to monetize them. And these days, there is hardly any social media traffic because the reach of organic posts has become worse.

But even when there was a lot of traffic coming from social media sites, it did not convert the way a search engine traffic inverted, especially for content monetized using Google AdSense or any other type of contextual ads.

While I was getting a lot of traffic from Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites, it was always an effort to do it. I am in posting multiple times a day regularly. It felt like an admin job.

While for search traffic, you do not have to do anything actively. It is all passive. Once you have attained a certain ranking for your article in Google search, it remains there for some time, and you enjoy traffic without actively doing anything.

It was always a motivation to make it work, and after years of trial and error, I finally found a method that still works in 2021.

Analyze the first five results for a certain keyword.

You can come up with an article that offers more value than the first five articles combined. Don’t write small articles. Write a guide. The longer, the better.

Do this for several keywords and write extensive articles around it. Also figured out a way to interlink them. Doing this gives readers a choice to read further if they want more information regarding a particular thing.

They stay on your website for a longer period, which again benefits the writing of your websites since it is one of the signals for the Google Search Algorithm.

Write about the things that people are looking for.

Surely blogging is all about things you are passionate about, but even for the things your passionate about, it needs to have a fanbase/user base that cares about reading about it.

So, instead of writing things you want to write about, first do a Google search for it and see how other blogs cover it, which blogs are getting ranked.

Also, look at the related search queries that will give you more content ideas to write articles on.

Increase the Content Frequency

And, since it is 2021, you cannot get away with writing one article in a week. You will have to write content consistently. It has to be the best content available for that particular keyword.

This is why content planning is important, as it will allow you to have a constant flow ideas to create content. Use tools like Online Mind Mapping

There are more things you can do to create awesome content that will improve your organic traffic.


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