Manage All Your WordPress Sites at One Place with WordPress Apps

I’ve recently shared a post about the post editor, I was so much in love with the editor and it’s feature of posting on Self-hosted WordPress blogs directly from the post editor that I connected all my WordPress sites to my account, just so that I could use their awesome post editor create posts.


Turns out, WordPress also offers Apps for all different platforms including both Desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux, and Web) and Mobile (iOS, Android), though I’ve installed both the iOS and Android apps on my iPad mini and my Samsung Tab, but I didn;t really find them much useful other than approving comments or making quick edits to the existing posts.


But when I tried the Mac version of WordPress app, it actually liked it. And as I had already connected all my sites to my account, I am able to browse different sections of all my blog’s dashboards from a single dashboard.

If you have been a reader of my other blog Asiogroup, you must be aware how much Praise I’ve written about apps like Windows Live Writer and the Blogo for Mac, because these Desktop publishing tools, hands down, are the best time savers for someone who owns and runs multiple blogs.

Making posts directly from the desktop without the need of staying connected to the Internet is a piece of mind that a broken browser or internet inactivity will ruin my entire writing session.


And this is the reason I loved the WordPress app for Mac as well. This takes Desktop publishing tool one step further by allowing users to access certain areas of the site’s Dashboard, it’s obviously possible because it’s from WordPress.

But it’s surprisingly cool considering the WordPress apps for Mobiles are not much useful, or, perhaps, I never used them enough.

I’ve already talked about the neat post editor of, it’s what you get in the WordPress app as well. (The Web and the mac version are exactly same, I guess the Windows version would also be the same)

I’ll talk about other stuff such as updating Plugins, Adding users to the site, making changes to the Theme, changing Menu and many other Administrative tasks you would do on a regular basis.


When you have multiple blogs, using the WordPress app makes it easy to manage them from one place. Desktop Publishing apps like WLW and Blog only let you write posts but the WordPress app gives you access to the Dashboard, all from one place. I’ve got 7 sites connected to it, and switching between the sites doesn’t take much time in comparison to opening each site in a new tab, or sometimes even forgetting the Password (Yes, has happened to me)

By using the WordPress app, it seems managing multiple WordPress sites won’t be a big task, and running 7 sites might finally feel a little less troublesome.

I’ll continue to use it till I get the best alternative, but till then, I think I’ve had to worry less about logging into each site individually to see if things are okay.

Thank you, WordPress for creating these apps, and distributing them for Free as always.

You can download the WordPress apps from

➤ Download WordPress Apps


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