How to Maximize the Adsense Revenue for Your Blog

Maximize Adsense Revenue

In this post, we will talk about how we can maximize the revenue from Adsense. before we start the article, I  want to mention that I’ve written a few articles already on optimizing Google Adsense, and instead of adding the same content here, I wouldn’t suggest you check them out after reading this post. 


There are many steps we can take to achieve our goal. Now assuming you already have got a blog, there is no point in talking about finding high-value topics to build a blog on.

Instead, we will focus on increasing the CTR of Ads. CTR is Click Through Rate, which is counted in percentage, it’s usually between 0.50% to 1%.  And if we double our CTR, it will double our revenue from Adsense, as simple as that.

To Increase the CTR of Ads on our blog

We can shift all their Ads in the content area. Like this,

  • Ad1:  Below first image (if you start the articles with an image)
  • Ad2: After 2nd Paragraph,
  • Ad3: End of the Post.

Why make this change?

Now, the point here is to remember that, if your blog is getting a good amount of traffic from Mobile phones (it’s 80% in my case) and you are using a Mobile Friendly Theme, there is only one column that is visible to the user.

Which means that the Sidebar goes at the bottom of the post, which also makes the Sidebar ad go to the bottom of the post. So, the majority of visitors who are coming on your blog from Mobile phones, won’t even see it as they would exit the page right after reading the post.

Add more Adsense Ads on your blog

And the other thing we can do to get Maximum Revenue, if your posts are long enough, we can also use 3 Text Link Ads provided by Google. As it is clearly stated by Google on their Policy and Terms page that a publisher can add a maximum of 3 Ad Units, 3 Text Link Ads, and 2 Search Boxes. 

  • Ad 1: Below the title,
  • Ad2: In the Sidebar,
  • Ad3: End of the post,

We can use the free WordPress Plugin called Quick Adsense. It lets you easily put ads wherever you want.

Quick Adsense offers an easy to use control panel where you can put the Adsense codes and choose where they should appear in the post. It also supports widgets, which means you can easily manage Ad codes at one place.

I did the exact same thing for my food blog and results were pretty amazing, the CTR was improved by over 200%, which has also increased the Revenue by 200%.

I am using a more Advanced Plugin called WP Ads Pro, it’s a premium plugin available at $36 on CodeCanyon.

➤ Download WP Ads Pro

I use WP Ads Pro for a more advanced Ad Setup, which includes showing Ads on the basis of Device a visitor is coming from. For example, A desktop visitor would see an Ad in the Sidebar, but for the Mobile user, the ad would appear in the middle of the post.


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