Monetising Your Blog with Native Ads like Taboola, Outbrain & ContentAd

In this post, we are going to talk about how effective these Native Ads are for Monetizing your blog.

Before digging deep in the comparisons, let’s talk why you should use Native Ads and whether or not your blog is suitable for such kind of Ads.

The Majority of publications on the Internet are powered by Ads. And these Ads are mostly click based, meaning, a revenue is generated only when someone clicks on the ads, or sometimes just views them.

In the last few years, the revenue from Advertising has decreased year after year, mainly because of two main reasons. 1) More publishers are emerging, 2) Visitors growing accustomed to Ads, leading to become Ad blind.

So, Native Ads are the Ads that blend into the website content so well that it feels like the part of the website, making visitors aware of its existents, which is why Native Ads tend to have higher CTR (Click Through Rates)

Here are some of the popular Native Ads Networks

  • Taboola,
  • Outbrain
  • ContentAd
  • AdNow

Though there are more, let’s just keep it to best 4 for the sake of this article. 


You may have seen Native Ads by Taboola network on several big publishing sites. Taboola is the best Native Ads Network giving high payouts because of it’s high quality Advertisers.

And because of the quality and the high payouts, it only takes websites with huge traffic, the last time I checked, the eligibility to be on the network was 1 million monthly pageviews, that’s huge.


Outbrain is another popular Native Ad Network that has been around since last few years. It is also one of the highest paying Native Ad Network and also requires high volume traffic sites. You may have seen Outbrain Native Ads in action on several Viral content site.


With Content.Ad, we are talking about the network that is little lenient on eligibility and can take small publishers as well. The payout is not as high are you get on Taboola or Outbrain, but there is no harm in running Content.Ad along with Adsense for a little more revenue from your website.


AdNow is gaining popularity, the CTR on the Native Ads is good resulting in increased revenue that can match Adsense. I’ve seen AdNow ads on all kinds of sites, I’ve used on a few sites myself.

So, finally I would like to add that Native Ads surely give you an opportunity to increase your earnings if you are already earning a decent income from Adsense. But if you are struggling to earn even from Adsense, because of low traffic or a blog niche where ads are not effective, you may have to analyse your blog and look for alternatives. Check out this article to learn more.


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