Why NewsPaper Theme is the Best WordPress Theme for Bloggers

The Web has come a long way since 2007, the year when I started blogging. I still remember the sleepless nights I spent trying to figure out how to set up my first blog.

God, things were really tough back then, there were no automated applications, no proper documentation and the Internet speeds were low.

We are now approaching 2020 and there are so many tools that let you create your first blog. But the ease has also lead to a lot of competition in this space.

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So, having a constant flow of content on the blog, and a stunning design that looks great on all the devices, are one of the few things that will keep you ahead of the competition.

While for content related queries, you can read tons of articles on Asiogroup.net, the link of which can be found in the description, I am going to address the other issue, which is, the design.

So, how do you create stunning looking blogs?

Well, if you’ve got plenty of money, you might hire a developer to get a custom design done, but if you don’t have plenty of money to spend on the design, at least not right now, and your blog runs on WordPress, which powers, like, 30% of the web, then you can take help of the WordPress themes.

There are plenty of them to pick from, we have even listed out the best ones suitable for you for different needs.

But If I have to recommend just one WordPress theme that can be a perfect fit for a lot of bloggers, then it undoubtedly is the NewsPaper Theme developed by TagDiv.

The Newspaper theme is a visually stunning theme that was created in 2013, and over the course of 5 years, the theme has revised and updated plenty of times, right now it is in its version 8 and has been sold 45,000 times.

Why is this number important?

Over the last few years, I’ve reviewed multiple themes, and most of them have either been stopped by the developer, or the developers simply have shifted their focus to some other theme.

But, the NewsPaper theme has been constantly getting updates since 2013, their support forum is one of the most active forums I’ve come across. I’ve used it myself a couple of times and the developers responded in time, that too, with proper solutions to my problem.

At this point in time, this video might be sounding like a sales pitch, but let me assure You, it is not. I am literally using the Newspaper theme on all my blogs.

My blog Asiogroup is powered by the Newspaper Theme, our Food blog, Foodtipp.com has been created using the NewsPaper theme, you can also look at my tech blog.

All these blogs and many others have been designed using the newspaper theme. And it takes just a few minutes to do so.

And when you visit popular viral blogs on the web, most of them are using this theme only, here are few examples,

Now I can go on and on and on about the theme since It has got so many features that deserve to be talked about, but I’ll let you play with it yourself.


Check out the Newspaper Theme on Theme Forest 


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