Receive Payments from Taboola, Amazon & International Clients with Payoneer

If you are a freelance writer, coder, designer or anyone who has clients living in different countries, You must be aware how tough it is to actually get the payment from clients living in different countries.


I’ve been working online since last one decade and It was so tough to get payments from foreign clients when I started in 2007.

Options to get Payments from International Clients

Though we had PayPal, but getting money from PayPal to our bank accounts required third party services, like Xoom, that charged extra for their services.

Fortunately, after a few months of starting my online business, PayPal made it easy to get the money in our bank accounts. So, life was sorted as most of my clients were sending me money via PayPal.

Getting payments from International Clients, who didn’t want to pay via PayPal, was still a challenge. Sometimes I even had to turn down work because the client wouldn’t be paying via PayPal.

During that time, I also had started promoting products from Amazon. Even though it didn’t work great for me, I was still getting Cheques every four or fives months. The Electronic Payment was only available to the residents of USA.

It used to take over three to four weeks for the cheques to reach me, and when I deposited it in my bank, it took another three to four weeks for the amount to get credited to my bank account.

It was so frustrating to keep a track of the money. It’s a funny feeling when the amount is not so much to bother about yet you want it you bank account because it is your hard earned money. recieving

Payoneer offers Virtual Local Bank Accounts for Receiving Payments Easily


I had heard of Payoneer a lot in forums, that how it gave virtual US accounts that can be added to Amazon Associates accounts and get paid in just a day or two. But when decided to check them out, their services were not available in India for a long time.

And recently they are back in India and I created an account with them. I got my virtual bank account of US which I added in Amazon Associate and got the payment in 3 days straight.

So, it’s an amazing feeling to get the money in just three days, which earlier took over 50-60 Days.

Payoneer gives Virtual Local Bank accounts, which makes it super convenient for the clients to pay locally (and for us to get payments faster). They offer the Local US, UK, and Germany account. Since most of my clients are from the USA the service works like a charm for me.

How to get started with Payoneer


Signing up with Payoneer is easy, but since you will be doing monetary transactions, you need to verify your identity by uploading your Photo Identity and Information.

It’s an easy road after your account is verified and you are approved for receiving payments in your bank account.

I am currently using it for receiving Payments from Amazon, but Payoneer supports many other services mentioned below


I am also giving the option of Payment via Payoneer to my new clients since the time taken by Payoneer to credit the money in bank is lesser in comparison to Paypal and also the transaction fees of Payoneer is lesser than PayPal.

So, if you also are using Amazon Associates, or any other service mentioned above, or simply seeking payments from International Clients, Payoneer is a superb option that you must try.

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