reEmbed: A Clever Way Embed YouTube Videos To Your Site with Analytics

If you own a website where you curate a lot of video content, you are going to love this post.

For those who don’t know about curation, it’s about collecting and distributing the user generated content on your platform.

In my Post at Asiogroup, we talked about how we can take advantage of the user-generated content to grow our websites. You should give it a read if you haven’t already.

Anyways, if you have been embedding videos in your WordPress blogs, you must be aware that WordPress now supports direct embeds, where you just have to paste the YouTube video URL and the bidder gets embedded automatically.

I’ve also written about Embedding videos beautifully using the Shortcodes Ultimate plugin which has this Advanced YouTube feature where you can easily select the options to make your embeds look appealing,

For example:- 

  • Hiding the title of the video, 
  • Hiding the controls of the video, 
  • Video autoplay, 
  • Choosing White or Black Video Player. 
  • While these options look cool, there is a better alternative that I found lately.


The service I am talking about is reEmbed. It not only gives you Advanced embed options but also gives you the insights about your embeds.

For example:- How many times your video embeds have been watched, how many minutes and how many impression they get. 

This all information is pretty useful in su_planning the content in future.

What I like about ReEmbed is that it gives a sense of branding to all the Embedded videos, even if they are not from your own channel.

For example- You can select the color of the Video player, a hyperlinked logo or an icon that can appear at any corner of the video (use this to increase Subscription on your own YouTube Channel) 

How to set up ReEmbed for your blog. 

All you have to do is, go to their website and create an account for Free. ReEmbed also has some Paid su_plans with more features but I’ve found the features in Free account quite sufficient.


Once you have created the account, choose settings for the Video player that would appear for your Embeds. Then Download this plugin and update the script given by reEmbed for your account.

Once you have updated the ReEmbed script in the plugin. All your Embeds, including the previous ones (that were embed directly into the post), will  show the new player that looks pretty cool.

Why is it better than other YouTube Embed Plugins.


There are many plugins for YouTube embeds other than Ultimate Shortcode, but all of them let you embed the videos into your posts by interesting some kind of Shortcode which won’t work if you ever Uninstall the plugin.

I feel confident to use reEmbed Plugin because it put the custom player on top of the YouTube plugin, and if we ever decide to stop using reEmbed, we won’t have to do anything with the YouTube Video URLs in our posts.

➤ You can go to ReEmbed to create an account and Download the Plugin for your WordPress Blog.


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