Speed Up for Blog Post Creation Process by Applying This Technique

If you are someone who has to spend a lot of time typing on a computer, be it to write articles or for doing your school assignments, here is a simple trick that can help you speed up your writing process three times.

And the trick is to use speech-to-text software. Many of you would already be aware and maybe already have tried it but never found it good enough to continue. But I am going to help you with that.

Use VOice Tpying in Google Docs

The easiest option for using speech-to-text service is to write inside Google Docs. Google Docs has a voice typing feature, and the best part is you can also select the language you want to talk in and convert it into text.

And it works amazingly. But the problem is it is pretty limited and works inside Google Docs.

Use Dictation Feature of Your Computer OS

Indeed, you can use the native speech-to-text feature on your computer. Windows and Mac have a dictation feature where you can use your speech to convert it into text directly. I have found it doesn’t work that well.

For example, if I use Dictation on my Mac, it gets disabled whenever I have to type something or correct something using the keyboard. And then, I have to enable it again to use it.

Best Solution: Use This Chrome Extension

I use a Google Chrome extension called Voice In Voice Typing. The great thing about this chrome extension is that it can be enabled using a keyboard shortcut and remains active even if you switch between different tabs.

For example, if I have to write an article inside WordPress, I have to enable it using the keyboard shortcut and start speaking into the microphone, which will convert my speech into text. Then if I go to some other website, like Facebook, I can use my voice to comment on a Facebook post.

Similarly, I can do this on Twitter or any other social media platform. It also works inside Gmail, which is quite helpful for applying to email.

And it is far better than the native dictation features on Windows and Mac. The only thing is that it works inside google chrome, but you can download google chrome. It’s free and better than any other browsers out there.



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