13 Stunning Handpicked WordPress Themes for a Tech Blog

At Asiogroup, we keep showcasing WordPress themes with Great functionalities and stunning looking design, like, if you have a Food blog or looking to start one, you can find this post which lists some of the best WordPress themes available for a food blog.

Similarly, in this post, we are going to list few of the best options for a tech blog. Although, there is no hard and fast rule that states that you cannot use a food blog WordPress theme for a tech blog, but these are the ones with maximum features suitable for a tech blog.

As we have stated in our guide to create a popular tech blog, that the most common way to monetize a tech blog is through Advertisement, and these themes are created in a way that offer nice ad placements for better CTR (Click Through Rates).

We are the believers of the quality over quantity, hence we are listing few of the best handpicked WordPress themes you can choose for your tech blog. These themes are also mobile-friendly because it has become a very important factor in the ranking of your blog as well. Enjoy the list.

The Gadget Blog

Gadget Blog

Magazine3_GadgetBlogThe Gadget Blog WordPress theme from my friends at Magazine 3 focuses on the Content. The layout is wide enough to look good on bigger screens and adapts beautifully to the mobile screens as well.

The theme feels fast to load and gives the readers a clear view of the content, both text and visual. Gadget Blog theme has been crafted to perfection.

 Price: $59 | Demo | Download

Codelight WP Theme



Codelight has been one of the first Magazine style WordPress themes that blew me away, both in terms of functionality and design.

It’s a very visual blog, and if your tech blog is about reviews or anything that includes a lot of images, this is a perfect choice for it.

Price: $49 | Demo |Download

True Pixel WP Theme

True Pixel

MyThemesShop_TruePixelTrue Pixel is one of my favourite themes from my favourite developers at My Themes Shop. Every time they launch a new product, it feels as if they created it for me personally. I love every element they put in a theme.

True Pixel is truly the fastest WordPress theme not only in this list but of all the WordPress themes available with such amazing features.

Price: $69 $47 | Demo | Download

Best WP Theme


MyThemesShop_BestBest WordPress Theme, again from My Themes Shop, If your tech blog is something that gets updates a lot, I mean 1 to 2 posts a day (or maybe even more) this is the theme to go for, because there is a lot of content that will fill up the homepage,

Visitors will love checking more than one post when it loads faster than they expect it to load, Best loads fast. And yes, there are a lot of features that is packed into this theme.

Price: $69 $47 | Demo | Download

Split WP Theme



Split WordPress theme from My Themes Shop, gives a very dynamic homepage with a three column layout, left one can be used for showing ads, which is also the best place to put navigation links for important pages of your blog.

Price: $69 $47| Demo | Download

MagXP WP Theme



MagXP, another WordPress theme from My Themes Shop, is heavily inspired from a very popular website that features articles that interest Men.

There is no prize for guessing that is will be a suitable theme for a review type of tech blog because of the Themes’ highly visual nature.

Price: $69 $47 | Demo | Download

Sahifa WP Theme


ThemeForest_SahifaI am reading a lot of praise about Sahifa WordPress theme from a lot of bloggers, one guy has posted about this theme that he almost doubled his revenue.

Because his blog now looks more professional, more people visit the blog and his posts are getting shared on social media a lot, which has also improved his ranking Search engines, he gives all the credit of the Sahifa WordPress theme. And it does look stunning and feels fast.

Price: $59 | Demo | Download

News Paper WP Theme



Newspaper is one of the most selling WordPress themes in the Theme Forest Marketplace. Newspaper is actually a multipurpose WordPress theme that can be used for many types of blogs be it in Sports Industry or Fashion, or Travel or Tech.

I am using it for one of my tech blogs myself, it’s a super looking theme, which can give your blog a unique look the combination of so many different layouts.

You can see the live demo of the theme before making a decision to purchase.

Price: $59 | Demo | Download

Sparkle WP Theme



Sparkle is a highly visual Magazine style WordPress theme that showcases any type of content beautifully, if your blog posts have a lot of images in them, be it review photos, videos, screenshots or product photos, Sparkle WordPress theme will make sure it looks stunning to your readers.

Sparkle Theme’s effort is to showcase more content to the reader so that he ends up visiting more pages than in intends to do.

Price: $54 | Demo | Download

Master WP Theme


ThemeForest_MasterMaster is a multipurpose WordPress theme listed in Themes Forest. It offers many different layouts, few of them could be used perfectly for a tech blog.

The Developer showcases demos of over 12 different layouts, making sure you get The most unique look for your blog by having different combinations.

Price: $59 | Demo | Download

LiteMag WP Theme



This WordPress theme makes it easy to stand out of the crowd by giving a ablog a happening look, the thing I love about Magazine type themes that you get so many options to create any type of layout you want.

This is so true for this theme, you can literally make it look the way you want. Get a professional logo done and it will be a killer.

Price: $59 | Demo | Download

Nexus WP Theme



Nexus WordPress theme is a nice choice for the tech blogs that have a high frequency of blog posts as it accomodates more posts on the homepage by keeping the thumbnails ideal that add visibility to the posts.

Plus, I am a big fan of Bold headings, it makes the news clear to the readers as in a tech news blog, half of the news is given away by the headlines itself.

Price: $69* | Demo | Download

* The $69 membership from Elegant Themes gives you access to all their themes for one year.

Rexus WP Theme



If you are interested in starting a tech blog, or you already have one, you might have checked out The Verge at some point of time. It’s one of the most popular tech blogs on the Internet. And Rexus brings similar design functionality to you at a price of mere $39.

Rexus focuses on content and offers better ad placement, makes it perfect for news type tech blogs.

Price: $39 | Demo | Download

These were the 13 most stunning WordPress themes that I chose from the pool hundreds (if not thousands) of Premium WordPress themes. 

As you have made it this far, I would like to give you an extra piece of advice that getting the best design will not guarantee you any monetary success. You will still have to work hard towards it, creating the best of content, promoting it and applying strategic methods to monetize it.

Don’t worry, Asiogroup.net can help you guide, Sign up for our newsletter and start getting smart advice to take your blog to the next level. 


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