How to Make Money from Your Personal Blog

Make Money from Personal Blog

This post has started getting some Google love and people seem to be interested in knowing about making money from a personal blog, I have updated the post with some new information. Thank you for landing on this page. 

The earlier version of this post was written in 2009, yes, this blog is quite old. There are many posts that need an update, but as this post was getting a number of visitors from Google, it got my attention and when I check it, the post was quite embarrassing, Grammarly showed me this 450-word article had 14 errors.

If you have landed from the search, you must be curious to know how to make money from a personal blog. So, let’s talk about just that.

A personal blog is where people talk about random stuff, it could be an online diary where you talk about your daily experiences, social issues or the products you use on a daily basis.

But, to make money from your personal blog, you will have to understand that you need the traffic to make money. And to get traffic to your blog you need to write content that

a) Gets searched in Google a lot. Things that get searched are Product reviews, Tutorials, How to fix something, tips and trick etc. 

b) Gets shared on Social Media a lot. Things that get shared on social media are Social issues, Event, and current affairs. 

The basic idea of both is to get people to your blog and get a lot of them. Once you start getting a lot of people to your blog, you can use Google Adsense to monetize the traffic.

But personal blogs don’t generate the kind of traffic required to earn a decent living from Google Adsense. If you consider $500/month, a decent number, You would need 500,000 visitors/month to your personal blog if the RPM (revenue per 1000 impressions) is $1.

500,000 visitors are quite tough to generate, especially for a personal blog. If your blog is on Social and Political issues, Current affairs etc, you don’t have too many options to work on. Google Adsense would be the only reliable way to make money.

If your blog is on product reviews, then there is a way you can generate income, which is, Affiliate Marketing

The basic idea is to put the buy it now links to the product you review. Amazon is the largest eCommerce site in the world, their catalogue is very broad, and you will find the product you review, will be listed on Amazon. You have to just signup for the Amazon Associate Programs and start putting the links of products in your review.

Once you start seeing the potential, start creating more content for your blog so that people find your personal blog, read your review and decide if they want to buy it or not. Some of them will decide to buy it from the link you put in the post, this will give you a small commission.

Commission for selling one product is not much, but a lot of sales can add up to a big amount.

There is nothing much you can do to monetize your personal blog, but if you manage to gain some influence, you can use your influence to benefit a brand or a person and get remunerated for it.

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