How Accurate WordAI is When it comes to Article Spinners?


You may have come across this term called Article Spinners if you are not new to blogging, these are actually Software where you can put an article, and then, it will rearrange the sentences, change words, by using synonyms, and then will form a new article that will be completely different from the original one.

These services exist because simply copy-pasting someone’s article won’t make Google rank it in its search engine, because their algorithm scans every article for the uniqueness. And this is why Article Spinners have emerged as a way to hack the system.

There are many blogs on the internet where the owners have simply hired writers to rewrite content from other popular outlets, but hiring would mean you have to have some good amount of money to spend on the writer, which is usually not the case with a lot of people.

Article Spinners promise them to have an article rewritten to be published on their blog/website, for a fixed amount of money per month for their services.

Are Article Spinners Considered Black Hat?

I wouldn’t say it is completely Black hat, but it is definitely Grey hat because you are taking a shortcut and a Human-written article (even if it is rewritten) is better than articles rewritten using a software.

No, I wouldn’t recommend Article Spinners to anyone, at least not for their primary blogs, I still wanted to try out one particular article spinner which has been discussed a lot in a lot of Facebook groups about blogging that I have joined. It’s called WordAI.

Mostly these articles spinners are not used by Bloggers but by Internet Marketers or Webmasters who have got a lot of websites where a lot of contents needs to be published on a regular basis, just to maintain consistency or give links to the main blogs.

Good thing is that WordAI offers a 3-day trial, which is sufficient time to check how accurate the service is.

So I tried it myself, even though I didn’t publish any of the rewritten articles spun using this tool.

How does WordAI work?

Since I am not promoting and this article spinner, I will not be writing all the praises of this software, I am simply going to share my experience of using it for a few days.

It is actually a web app, which means it works even on my Chromebook, where there is no option to download and install an app like it is in Windows PC or Mac.

Another good thing about a Web App is that it can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have got a web browser and you are connected to the internet.

And as the name suggests, AI in Word AI means Artificial Intelligence, so, what the service claims is that it uses Artificial Intelligence to make the articles as humanly written as possible.

There is an introduction video on the landing page which talks about how much study has gone into creating this piece of software and it is a supercomputer that can do all the complex thinking like humans and create unique articles from an original article.

To see how well the app works in real life I lifted one of the paragraphs from my own article from my tech blog, Here’s the paragraph that I used for spinning.

There are different modes and options that you can select before spinning the articles, so, I selected if two options one was, Automatically Rewrite Sentences and the other was Automatically Add/Remove/Rearrange Sentences.

After clicking on the spin button you can see the article break up (in our case the paragraph break up), where the software tries to understand the words and the possibilities of Synonyms that can be used.

Below the break up of the paragraph, you are given multiple versions of the article, and on the top of that list is a super unique spin. So you can check out the super unique article written by word AI.

It obviously cannot be used it straight away and would require a bit of manual tweaking, but I am afraid that the amount of time it will consume might be more than the actual time you will spend rewriting the article yourself.

The monthly plan of WordAI costs $49.95, and there is 42% off on the yearly plan which would cost $347.

Should You Use WordAI Article Spinner?

If you hire someone to rewrite an article, who would usually charge $1 per 100 words, and suppose the average length of the article is 500 words, you will be spending $5 per article and you may get 10 error free articles written by a human in the same price that you get this app.

But again, this will yield more than 10 articles, maybe 30, maybe 40, maybe 50. But it would still require human intervention, and if you have to spend 10 minutes fixing every article, you will have to spend 500 minutes (or 8.3 hours).

You will have to decide whether you can spend 8 to 9 hours for getting 50 articles and paying $50 per month or you would rather spend $250 for 50 articles written by someone human and even save 8-9 hours every month.

Again, you can minimise the time you want to spend on each spun article, but it is certain that you won’t be able to get the kind of articles that will be read by human beings.

So, as I said, it cannot be trusted for a blog where you write articles yourself, though, this could be used on a PBN site (Private Blog Network) which is created just for giving a backlink to your main site. However, I would still not recommend using the spin articles without a manual review, since Google can punish your website if it finds you are using Article spinners.


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