WordPress 5.5 – What Changes this new Version brings to WordPress?

Asiogroup.net is a blog about starting an online business, and WordPress is a magical application that lets anyone create their websites easily.

It is currently power in more than 33% of the websites on the internet as of April 2019.

I created my first website using WordPress in 2007. I have seen how it has evolved in the last decade and a half.

What’s new in WordPress 5.5?

WordPress version 5.5 is a big update that focuses on three major areas, which is, Speed, Search, and Security.


To make WordPress sites fast, WordPress has natively included lazy load. It is a feature which will load images on a post only when the user scrolls down the page and reaches the area of the image.

Since not every image is loaded at once, the web page fields it’s loading faster. Apart from that, it will also prevent the entire website from being loaded on mobile browsers and only load the required elements.

Search Engine Friendly

Search department WordPress 5.5 now includes an XML sitemap natively, which means no third-party plugin would be required to generate it.

This is pretty useful for newbie bloggers who do not know the benefit of having a sitemap on a website.

For those who don’t know, it helps search engines find web pages on your website and include them in their database.


In the security department, WordPress now enables auto-updates of plugins and themes. It means the plugins and themes you have installed on your WordPress blog will be updated automatically as soon as there is a new update.

Wood years, we have emphasized how important it is to keep your plugins and themes updated, like older versions of plugins and themes can give loopholes to hackers to attack your site, an object with Malware, or maybe even take control of it.

Although you can still turn off automatic updates, click on the screen options on the top right-hand side and uncheck auto-updates, then click on apply.

Apart from these significant improvements in the newer version of WordPress, they are some smaller improvements as well that are majorly in the block editor of WordPress.

Some new blocks have been added, and have been organized in a new block directory. New options for or making edits to images has also been brought in the new version.

Should I update to WordPress 5.5 right way?

Updating to the newer version may be the right step, but we have always cautioned our readers to wait for a few days if not for weeks before updating them to the newer version of WordPress whenever it is surfaced.

It is because a lot of Plugins and Theme developers are not up to date with their development, and there is a possibility that one of your favorite themes may not work correctly, or may not work at all.

It is probably one of the reasons we always recommend you to use premium products b8 themes are plugins because the developer is obligated to keep up to date and compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Check out the Deals section of Asiogroup (Asiogroup.net/Deals) to find the recommended WordPress products for your blog.


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