Amazingly Beautiful WordPress Themes for A Food Blog


If you have been looking for a premium WordPress theme for you food blog, then this is the place where you will find your next theme. I can say that with so much confidence because I myself have been running a successful food blog from last few years. And have tried more than a dozen WordPress Themes over time which made me research few hundreds of theme.

Here I am list 15 mist amazing WordPress Themes that I have ever come across.



WP-Prosperity may not be a theme specialized for a food blog, but the sheer possibility of customization it offers, makes it to the list. Plus it is the WordPress theme that is powering our own food blog. With WP-Prosperity, you can get any layout, wider or narrower, three column or two column, Pinterest style, infinite scrolling and what not. After trying and using multiple WordPress themes, I settled down with WP-Prosperity. You can read our full review of the theme.

Price: $69 / View Demo / Buy Theme

Food blog by Nimbus Themes


A refreshing theme from Magazine 3 which makes any food blog look like a professionally designed site in the industry. When I first landed on the demo, I was amazed by the look and feel of the design.

Price: $39 / View Demo / Buy Theme

Foodi Pro


Foodi Pro has a lot of colorful elements. It makes the design very lively. It comes from a company that is the best in the business. Foodi Pro is built on the powerful Genesis framework, which means, excellent code structure and powerful platform. Foodi Pro gives a true visual sense to a food blog.

Price: $129.95 / View Demo / Buy Theme

FoodBlog by Magazine 3


One of the oldest themes I tried on out food blog. FoodBlog has a got a nice homepage with three columns, which can fit a lot of content. The theme makes visitors feel that there are a lot of resources of the blog. It also has got nice placement for putting advertisements.

Price: $59 / View Demo / Buy Theme



This beautiful food blog theme comes from they popular theme makers, the ColorLabs and Company. If you are planning to create a food blog that will have a lot of categories and it will be a huge resource for recipes. Then FoodMagz is a perfect theme to use.

Price: $69 / View Demo / Buy Theme

Food Recipes


Food Recipes WordPress themes lets you put details information about the recipes like, Servings, Prep time, Nutrition value etc. There are different columns for putting them on the page so that they look nice and are overwhelming to read.

Food Recipe theme is perfect if you put recipes in step by step manner.

Price: $48 / View Demo / Buy Theme

iCook – Food/Recipe Theme


A wide page layout to fit larger photos, food blogs have a lot of high-quality photos and iCook theme’s layout makes it perfect to showcase them. The sidebar section is also very clean show showcases big rectangular thumbnails.

Price: $34 / View Demo / Buy Theme

Ingredients – Recipe Blog


Ingredients, as the name suggests is beautifully crafted theme for the food blog content. The background has wooden texture which gives a feel of the cutting board.

The method and ingredients of the recipe appear on the web page as if they are written on a real paper.

Price: $48 / View Demo / Buy Theme



Foody is a minimalistic theme that puts the focus on the content. The wider layout fits larger photos making it an amazing visual experience. You may have visited few food sites that have similar design and you may have loved them all.

Price: $39 / View Demo / Buy Theme

Devine by Restored 316 Designs


I actually love all the themes by Restored 316 designs, their themes are so clean and give a calm feeling, Devine is no exception. It also lets you add recipe cards inside the post for people to print them. It has all the things a super hit food blog needs, a wider layout, clean design with beautiful typography. It is a Child theme for Genesis, buy the genesis framework here if you don’t have it.

Price: $50 / View Demo / Buy Theme