6 WordPress Themes to Start a Viral Blog


The current trend in the blogging industry is to start a viral blog, you might have already seen one in your newsfeed, the likes of Upworthy and Distractify are all over the place, and surprisingly they all seem to be doing very well.

But how?

Well, there is a pattern, a formula, which seems to be working great in this age of Social Media.

We will talk about it in a little detail in our next post. The purpose is to make you aware that there is more to learn about creating Viral blog other than a great theme. But today, I am listing out the best WordPress themes for starting a Viral blog,

Here is a list of the best WordPress themes that has all the qualities for a Viral blog.

Socially Viral from MyThemeShop


Price: $49 | Live Demo | Download

Socially Viral WordPress theme is the closest you can get to the current design of Viral Nova, the famous viral site that has resulted in tons of clones already, and most of them are working well.

Viral Nova has mastered the art of making their content go viral, So if you want to follow the footsteps of viral nova, this is the site for you.

TruePixel from MyThemeShop


Price:$49 | Live Demo | Download

TruePixel is another great WordPress theme by MyThemeShop. It was the first WordPress theme which was used by Viral Nova, as it has all the elements required for a blog to go viral, plus it was so easy to get started with. If your focus it to get started ASAP, then go for this theme.

Newspaper theme (ThemeForest)


Price: $58 | Live Demo | Download

I found this theme on Themeforest when I was looking for a visual theme for one of my blogs, I was amazed to see the variety of design options it offers, the functionality is amazing, I have been using this theme on one of my sites now, in fact, I can use it on many other blogs including a Viral blog because this theme is a perfect fit for it.

Rexus from ThemeJunkie


Price: $49 | Live Demo | Download

I find Rexus from Theme Junkie visually very appealing, The front page is inspired from the current design on The Verge, which has emerged as one of the best tech blogs in no time. There is also a feature to showcase videos that play directly on the page, which is a perfect thing for a viral blog.



Price: $69 | Live Demo | Download

WP- Prosperity is my favourite theme of all. It is a simple WordPress theme which focuses on the content, you can literally change every aspect of this theme which can be done very easily using a bunch of shortcodes and theme options. A lot of thought has been put to create this theme, it’s a well-coded theme that rules them all.


NewsPaper by MyThemesShop

NewsPaperMTS_ViralWordPressThemesPrice: $69 | Live Demo | Download

The NewsPaper Theme from MyThemesShop is simple yet visual WordPress theme which loads blazingly fast. I am amazed at its speed. This theme again takes an inspiration from a very popular blog on life hacks which also has a lot of visual content. So, NewsPaper makes it a great WordPress theme to get started.

Bimber by BrightPixel

Bimber_Viral_Blog_Theme02Price: $49 | Live Demo | Download


Bimber is the newest addition to this amazing list of viral blog themes. I usually don’t do this but Bimber deserves to be on this list as it is packed with viral features done perfectly. I loved browsing through the blog with Bimber theme. Bimber is listed on ThemeForest at $49. But it before they increase the price to $59 or even $69 because it’s worth it.

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  1. Hey Asif,

    It’s my first time stopping by your blog and I love the design. I also made a post on viral Nova clone theme here donmodekali.com/viral-nova-wordpress-theme/ and have a few that you haven’t mentioned like BearWorthy. I also missed some you have over here. Do you mind me adding them to my list?

    Edit: Url removed as per comment guidelines.

    • Thanks for dropping by, I really appreciate your feedback regarding the design of this blog.
      Feel free to include these themes in your list.
      Thanks once again for visiting.

  2. Hello,
    Do you know how to make the Newspaper Theme compatible with WPML? It is not fully compatible and their support team does not seem to have answers or an interest in answering this particular question. I see you offer blog setup service, this is why I ask.

    • The Newspaper theme does support Multi Language, as stated in their listing page on theme forest.

        Multi Language site support via the free qTranslate plugin. All from wp-admin.
  3. Hi.. Nice design. I love your website. Can you please let me know what social share buttons have you used? Specially the share buttons below the title. Is it shareholic ?

  4. Thank you for the great list, i recently saw a theme on themeforest CrazyBlog, that should also be in the list. Here is the link [Link Removed]

    Right now i am using Newspaper theme and it is fantastic theme.


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