YouTube Handles – Some Tips to Grab A Unique Handle if Yours Isn’t Available

In this article, we will discuss how you can grab your unique handle if the one you desire is unavailable.

Youtube is finally rolling out there newest feature called Youtube Handles to its users to make it easy for them to tag, mention, and communicate with any youtube account.

It is only available to those monetized as the non-monetized channels are yet to get it.

Why Handles Now If We already have custom URLs

Interestingly, YouTube is going hard on short-form content, competing with Instagram Reels and TikTok.

These two already have been eating the market share of video content, and these video platforms also being social media apps where people can communicate with east other via @username. YouTube perhaps wants to add a similar feel of communication on Shorts.

It has already offered easy tools to create Shorts from uploaded content on YouTube or add a clip directly from your mobile phone. It also plans to start monetization for the creator looking to create Short content on YouTube.

How different is it from a custom URL?

If you are unaware, YouTube allows users to create custom URLs to brand their YouTube Channels.

For example,

For most channels, their custom URL is the name of their track if they haven’t changed its name after creating a custom URL.

Custom URL name is most likely your reserved Handle

On one of my channels, my custom URL is reserved as my handle, and on one channel, my original username is reserved as my custom URL. Although I have the option to pick the one I desire. And this is where it can get tricky.

Because you will have to compete with others to get the desired one, in my case, the handle for my channel name has been given to some other YouTube channel as it was their original name (and they pricked it first), and I had changed my channel name.

How to pick the next best Handle

If the one you want isn’t available, you can add an extra letter at the channel name’s start or end or the user’s first or last name.

Or, you can add some prefixes or suffixes. Here is a list of some.

  • Official
  • The
  • My
  • Pro
  • TV
  • Short
  • Guide
  • City
  • Game

I hope this will give you an idea of how you can add an extra word to get your desired handle. Here’s a list of 5000 most frequently used prefixes and suffixes.



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