YouTube’s New Policy for Creators in 2018, 4000 Hours Watchtime Needed to Qualify


There is a sad news that is coming from YouTube, they have made changes to their policies for the creators.

Around last year, YouTube had brought the criteria for monetization to be enabled for creators under which creators had to have at least 10000 views on the channel.

Now in 2018 they have raised this limit and this time they want creators to have at least 4000 hours of watch time on the channel in the last 12 months and 1000 subscribers on the channel for the monetization to be enabled.

This also applies to the old creators whose Monetization was enabled, if they are not able to get 4000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months, their Monetisation will also be disabled.

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The old creators are given the grace period of 30 days in which either they can surpass this new limitation to keep enjoying the monitization feature, or, the Monetization will be disabled.

Should you really worry about this if you are a new creator?  I think not because YouTube Ads are not the only way to make money on YouTube, there are several other ways you can monetize your YouTube channel.

I have created several videos showing you how you can make money on YouTube and on other platforms, you really don’t need to rely on YouTube Ads for making money.

A lot of people are getting demotivated with YouTube’s decision to raise the bar but let me tell you, even if you get past 10000 views, which was the earlier limitation, you wouldn’t really make a lot of money from Youtube ads,

To make money from Youtube, you need thousands of views on a monthly basis, if not Millions.

So first thing first, if you are on YouTube just to make money, then please don’t do YouTube,  but if you are here to follow your passion, teach some skills, or share your knowledge, then you can surely monetize it and maybe someday make a living out of it.

Here is a bit of Calculation to make your target look easy

Having said that let me give you a simple calculation which will make you understand that you really shouldn’t worry about this new 4000 hours watch time limitation for the Monitisation to be enabled.

If we convert 4000 hours into minutes it is going to be 4000 x 60 is equal to  240,000 minutes.

Now if you create videos that are 5 minutes in length when you need 48000 views (48000 people watching your 5-minute videos is equal to 240000 minutes)

Now, if we subtract 10000 Views From 48000 views, we get 38000 views, which means you will not be making any money from these 38000 views, if we take $1 RPM, that is, $1 made from every 1000 views, we only lose $38, which means,  even if YouTube allows us to show ads on our videos for this much views, we would only be making $38 which is not a life-changing money.

I hope you get the point from the above calculation, $38 is a hypothetical figure you may or may not be making $38 from such amount of views, so it’s really not that YouTube is taking away your ability to make videos. You can still make videos and you can still monetize them by other means, you don’t have to rely on YouTube ads at all.

This is what I have been pointing in my videos on my channel, I want to share one more thing that even my YouTubes account  does not follow this new criterion and I will not be making any money from my YouTube videos via ads until I reach this threshold, but I still make money from affiliate marketing,  I have also done one sponsored video that has earned me around $ 60.

So, if you are a new creator, don’t lose hope, keep making videos like you were doing earlier and you can follow my channel (or just this blog) to know more about how you can monetize your YouTube Without the YouTube ads, how you can make money online.

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